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New CPU & Motherboard = Constant Reboot.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey y'all. Got a big problem.


Today, I got my new motherboard, the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO, to replace my old one & a new processor, Intel i7 9700K. So I did the process and everything and it looks all good!...well, so I thought.


When I booted it up the first, it suddenly went into a reboot loop after every few seconds. So I opened up my tower again to check whats up. On the motherboard, I did notice something. On the bottom right corner of the motherboard, there's an LED 2x2 panel & only one of the lights was on. I was confused, checked the manual and it said that if one of the lights are on, it means it isn't properly working. I checked closely to see what label it was, and it was the CPU. Was kind of shocked, but I went back to retrace my steps.


And now about 4 hours later to this time of night (11:04 PM), still haven't figured it out. Still stuck in the constant reboot session.


Help in any shape or form would really be appreciated. Thanks y'all.

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Few questions for you: Have you reseated the CPU and RAM? Reseated the GPU, unplugged and replugged all cables checking for debris, including SATA?


After that disconnect everything from the PC bar your keyboard and 1 stick of ram and the CPU. Take out/disconnect all HDD's, SSD's, GPUs and other extraneous stuff. Even unplug HD audio and your front panel USB's. Try boothing then. Get a hold of a mobo speaker if you haven't already and listen for the beeps, they can sometimes tell you more than a post code indicator. Try resetting your CMOS (even if it's a new mobo)


If none of this works let me know and I'll have another think, if you've already done this stuff let me know what you have and haven't tried and we can go from there.

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