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webcam light on, cant access it in camera

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so my webcam light has been on ever since i reinstalled windows. it wont shut off no matter what i do (besides uninstalling the device and removing the drivers for it.). but then when i unplug it and plug it back in (the the same usb port or a different one, in usb 2.0 and 3.0 port) itll reinstall itself, itll tell me it was setup correctly and ready to use, the device properties tells me the device is working properly (pictured), but the light turns back on upon it's self installation upon me unplugging and plugging back in and when i go to the "camera" app itll show that its using that webcam but its a black screen and when i take a picture anyway the app will freeze for a few seconds then tell me theres an error with the device. (pictured)..

what the hell is wrong now?????

any ideas?

ive also been getting code 9C on bootup that hangs my pc from booting until i reset multiple times. 9C is initializing usb devices or something like that.. i assume it is because of the camera? I dont think the camera itself is bad. it worked perfectly fine up until the iwndows reformat and reinstall. Im lost as to what to do (like i always am when i post here)

win 10 x64 1903
asus z97 deluxe

i7 4790k @4.8ghz
Asetek 120mm AIO
32gb 2000mhz ddr3

RX580 8GB 
80+ silver EVGA Supernova 750 watt PSU
samsung NVME SSD (C drive)
500GB HDD (D drive)

500GB HDD (E drive)
1tb hdd wd blue (F drive)
1tb hdd toshiba 2.5" (G drive)
480gb ADATA ssd (H drive)

Samsung Curved 27" 1080p 60htz monitor on the rx580
HP 23" monitor 1080p 60htz on the onboard hdmi (Intel HD graphics 4600)

Microsoft LifeCam Webcam (culprit)
External Mic to 48v Phantom psu to mic jack on mobo (works Perfect)
Corsair K55 Keyboard on usb 3.0 (works perfect)
Corsair Harpoon Mouse on usb 3.0 (works perfect)
everything usb works perfectly fine besides the LifeCam


Camera 7_11_2019 5_03_49 PM.png

Microsoft LifeCam Studio Properties 7_11_2019 5_06_31 PM.png

Microsoft LifeCam Studio Properties 7_11_2019 5_08_06 PM.png

Device Manager 7_11_2019 5_06_18 PM.png

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