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Thunderbolt 3 dock with 144 Hz video output

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all.

I was just wondering.

I'm close to buying a new gaming laptop with thunderbolt 3. I would really like to make a clean desktop setup using a one cable solution with a TB3 dock / dongle for connecting peripherals and my external 144 Hz 27" screen but everywhere I look, any of these docks only support 4K at 30 Hz at most. I'll use my external screen at 1080p at most for gaming but is there any dock that outputs with HDMI or either mini DP at 1080p and 144 Hz? I cannot find one or it isn't either specified the refresh rate at other resolutions.

I need to know just in order to organize differently the table setup with just a USB 3.0 dock and a dedicated mini DP cable for the screen.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

WoW this TB3 connection is turning out to be another RTX scam.

It's been almost 3 years that eGPUs confirmed they are overpriced and are underperforming up untill a TB4 or USB4 will be available.

At this point I was hoping I could use my TB3 port at least for a unified one cable solution for devices and screen but seems no docking station supports more than 60 Hz.

The only one I could find is this one https://www.elgato.com/es/dock/thunderbolt-3-mini but it has limited IO, at this point my TB3 is useless because I can achieve an easier setup with 2 cables: one for my screen with the mini display port and one for all my other devices with my existing AUKEY USB 3 dock that includes a gigabit Ethernet port.

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