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Differences between RAM Companies

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As im looking for RAM for my build, im currious. I've always heard of G. Skill, or Corsair, But these other companies, GeIL, Team T Force, Ballistix, Are they worth looking at themselves? Are the $80 16GB 3000 kits worth their price over the more expensive $120 kits? Why is it so difficult to ignore wanting RGB...

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If you wear a red CPU colour you should go with higher frequency Ryzen compatible memory( 3000 or 3200). Gskill’s flare memory is great with Ryzen .

But if you like the intel any kit from a reputable brands with frequency of 2660hz or above should serve you good.

The kits you mention do have different cas latency but it doesn’t affect performance in any significant way so shouldn’t worry about it.

If you crave a bit of RGBBBBBB Gskill’s Trident line up offers great performance in both intel and amd CPUs with reasonable pricing. If you can find any other RGB kit from a reputable brand (like the ones you mentioned)for similar or lower price that rubs you the right way then you should go for( just check which platform it is recommended for and keep the frequency constraint that I mentioned above in mind).



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