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Audio over DisplayPort to HDMI???

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Have a unique situation at work and am looking for a reliable answer, so I came to LTT forums... :)


Need to set up a monitor that is required to be roughly 40 feet from the connection, we were looking to run it as HDMI to carry audio as well but the only device output is DisplayPort.


Will audio still carry over when converting from DP to HDMI? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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DP is only rated for something like 3-5 meters. HDMI can do up to 50ft for 1080p@60hz.


Apart from buying an expensive HDbaseT, DI, or SDI solution I think if you convert to HDMI at the source and then run a high quality HDMI to the display then you’ll be ok. I do this at work on the regular since I work in AV. DP can definitely carry audio but not all adapters are necessarily designed with this in mind (though, most I’ve seen will do it)


My recommendation is to get the following gear.


Bluerigger 50ft rugged HDMI cable

DP to HDMI Adapter (Belkin or digitalinx/Liberty make good ones, Belkin will be cheaper and probably just as good)


^that also applies to miniDP if you end up needing that. 


Bear in mind you probably can’t run higher than 1080p reliably on a setup such as this.


remember to set the default output audio to the correct feed in sound through control panel (or system preferences on a Mac)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Roughly what I had thought though I didn't realize that DP had such a limit on distance. Exactly the info I was looking for though. Thanks a ton.

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