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New Chair recommendations?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello all!


Let me start of by saying that I am sorry that this isn't strictly an electronic component. This seemed like the closest topic category to what I am looking for.


So my old office chair broke and I found in my search for a new one that it seems like unless you spend upwards of $1000 on a chair, you're going to get something that isn't very reliable and or very basic.


I am looking for a durable and comfortable that you could sink into like a comfy couch. Material doesn't matter as long as its durable, I don't need a bunch of insane features like leg rests and 180 degree tilt but being able to lean back at all would be cool.


My budget is around $100-$200


Anyone have good experience with a similar type chair? Or am I going to need to go to Maxnomic or DXracer if I want anything quality?


Thank you all for any help!

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In that price range most chairs are gonna be the adjustable piston type, they work fine until the internals at the base of the chair wear out, then they get all manner of squeaky and poppy. Once that happens you gotta be prepared to find replacement parts, make better replacement parts, or buy a new chair. That leaves the seat design and all, which is highly subjective, some people like mesh that breathes as much as possible, some people like that leather. For that part I can only suggest trying chairs whenever/wherever you can and buying based on what you like.
Dxracers and Maxnomics aren't inherently better, they use the piston design with the same points of failure.

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1 hour ago, Saksham said:

do not get gaming chairs. they are a waste of money.

Totally this, get an ergonomic office chair. Also in that price range you will have trouble finding anything durable. If durability is your prime concern get Herman Miller, they are out side your budget at $500-$600, but they have 10 year warranty and are know to last even longer. Mine is 18 years old now and still good.

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go out to actual local stores and take a seat in a few of them.  some are just plain awkward, others are hard, others you just sink, others are to wide, others to narrow. 

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