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  1. Hello all! Let me start of by saying that I am sorry that this isn't strictly an electronic component. This seemed like the closest topic category to what I am looking for. So my old office chair broke and I found in my search for a new one that it seems like unless you spend upwards of $1000 on a chair, you're going to get something that isn't very reliable and or very basic. I am looking for a durable and comfortable that you could sink into like a comfy couch. Material doesn't matter as long as its durable, I don't need a bunch of insane features like leg
  2. No I can use it whenever but just not within 2 years of the last time I used it
  3. Alright so it's that time of the year when I want an upgrade. I was going to get the pixel but the notch ended up being too big and then I was going to get the oneplus 6t but it only kinda works on Verizon and even though the software is better than my s8, it still feels like a hardware downgrade. Anyways I ended up deciding on the note 9 as my new phone and through a special deal with my parents, only have to pay for $400 of it. And if I sell my s8 I'll probably get around $300. So $100 for a brand new note 9, doesn't sound to bad right? The thing is now that I've thought about it I am like i
  4. I have now verified that in many videos Linus clarified that when using lacp it would only give increased speed when multiple clients were hitting it at the same time.
  5. So in all of Linuses networking videos he's talking about port trunking like it's some way to get a doubled or greater transfer speed just by adding more cables and recajigering some stuff. My understanding of it was that laggs, and more specifically lacp, simply multiply the number of full speed transfers you can have going at a time and do nothing to increase a single transfer rate. Did I miss something or is Linus wrong? Or am I wrong? Is there some type of magic trunk that I don't know about?
  6. Well I need an amp regardless but I am generally just trying to improve them. I've heard they are lacking a bit of brightness and I've heard the Valhalla 2 can add it back as well as giving it a bit of a tubey sound which sounds like something I would enjoy.
  7. bought the HD6XX's on massdrop in june too?
  8. Ok so I have a pair of HD6XX's and I need an amp to go along with them. I have my heart set on a tube amp and have narrowed my choices down to either the Darkvoice 366se or the Schiit Valhalla 2. I have no idea which to buy. I am told the Valhalla 2 sounds more solid staty but is a better pairing for the HD6XX. Looking for any helpful opinions on the issue.
  9. Ok so I ran the test again and I got double the score. I don't know what happened but I am still confused as to why the temperature is so low. I am going to try something when I get home tonight. When AshleyAshes said 21C is close to room temp that made me think that it may be an intake probe rather than the die temp but again still doesn't explain why the fans aren't spinning up. I just need some numbers from the server. Oh and I am using htop to see CPU utilization. Thanks for all the help guys I always love this community!
  10. All right so I finally have some $ built up and it's time to add some redundancy to my media server. I have about 1.25tb of media and want to run a raid 5. I was thinking of running 3 Seagate barracuda 4tb drives. I know their not insanely reliable but that's what redundancy is for and they seem to be the best bang for the buck on Amazon rn. Thoughts? Anyone have any better ideas? I have a pretty good raid card already because it came with the server. Thanks for any help!
  11. Complaining? no sir PANICKING! I want this thing to perform better but it was my understanding that computers get hot when under and intense tasks and this situation is conflicting with my understanding so I am panicking because I am afraid something is wrong.
  12. I recently bought a used server and in ubuntu it says the cores are pinned however the cpu temp never seems to go above 21 degrees Celsius and the fans never seem to speed up. Why is that? Its a Dell PowerEdge R710 with dual Xeon X5650 processors. It got a 1599 single and 9619 multi core in geek bench. Is that good? I didn't expect it to be amazing but i feel that given the fact that it didn't even get hot it still has more to give. Is there a setting I have to enable? is it only using one of the processors? because 6x1599 is awfully close to 9619. Did I just buy a $50 nugget? I am kinda panic
  13. I have always had the problem that my main Ubuntu user cannot access the samba shares however when I make a secondary user they can. Why is this? I want to fix it for simplicity sake. the main user is both in the samba config file as an ok user and as a member of the group that can access the server. I can see the server on the network I just keep getting I don't have permission to access this folder errors. For the time being I set the permissions on the folder to 777. I know this is a bad idea but seeing as the server docent work anyways and I plan on changing it anyways it seemed worth the
  14. Nmv just used an emulator on pc to delete them
  15. Ok so I haven't had any android devices for a couple years not but when I went on the online google play store it says I have a bunch of apps installed but yet have no devices. I want to clear this out as I will be getting a new android device in a few weeks. How do I do that?