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  1. wordpad, is quick and simple. word, excel, for office chrome, for browser VLC, for subtitles. windows explorer, for files (interesting enough it works for file names) google office apps will handle it as well for zooming. CTRL + mouse wheel more of a works in many apps. but sometimes it just does not work or has unintended results. and you hope CTRL + Z for undo works.
  2. 4K and text. if the monitor is physically large, sure, you can upsize the the text. but reducing solution can also help. i get into issues when someone shows up and they can not read the text on screen, so i have to CTRL + WHEEL mouse most of the time to zoom out/in. and end up needing a program that lets me do it. on other hand. if for what ever reason what i am working on requires me to be a few inches +/- in either direction. text size becomes a big issue. example 40" tv screen, at 1920x1080, then lower screen directly below it 1600x900 and it is i want to say a
  3. go out to actual local stores and take a seat in a few of them. some are just plain awkward, others are hard, others you just sink, others are to wide, others to narrow.
  4. all thumbs, never had luck replacing the actual feet on a mouse before. i always end up with a mouse that is tipsy afterwards. as far as cleaning, 50% solution is what i normally use. (cheap stuff from dollar store or wherever). get yourself a "kitchen plate", take a paper towel and fold it up, and put enough alc on towel to get it wet, then set mouse on top. let it set a few minutes, then scrub with a hard bristle tooth brush, repeat. if you gouge the plastic, your feet are going to be out of place.
  5. to many years i can not remember its well over 10+ years, pc/s been running non stop, beyond the power outages, and when down for replacement parts. i figure every 1 or 2 years at least 1 or 2 fans out of 3 to 6 fans need to be replaced. (bearings wearing out), and more than likely to much crud (err dust) build up on them reason for most likely cause of failure. (failure to me is making noise, not complete stopping) --generally this is taken up with replacement keyboard and mouse, with a replacement fan at same time. (save on shipping) i stay away from complete "s
  6. freebie when bought, cpu, motherboard, graphics card, or something like that this christmas. rosewell neon m55 high/low switch on bottom, then a toggle switch just above the wheel. for a few extra DPI settings combined together. my thumb ends up on the "back" button for browser. and my thumb never really touches the "forward" button for browsers. (just a tad long) front to back for my hand, as a result takes a bit more effort to click the left/right buttons. beyond above, normal "click sound" give it a couple months to wear it down and it wil
  7. KVM = (Keyboard, Video, Monitor) newegg, amazon, ebay, and other computer related websites should have KVM as a keyword to bring up a few switches. you can also use "remote desktop" applications. they all can be a pain to setup if you have never "remote desktop" before, such as setting up correct network, or connecting them correctly.
  8. you most likely have TWO (little speakers) on your taskbar, 1 white one (default windows), and then another (realtek sound manager). the white speaker on task bar, click it and open up the volume control, (there maybe more than 1 volume control), left click may bring up a single volume control, while "right click" and then choosing volume control brings up a mixer/volume control. you want the mixer/volume control, the mixer/volume control may show, a game, firefox, google, VLC, etc.. apps currently playing audio, and then a master volume slider, the master volu
  9. if you can get your files back, do not do a "huge" entire drive copy at one time, do it little bit of copying at a time. try a couple megs, if it is slow keep it there, then try a 20 to 30 megs, then up to 100 megs, etc... eventally your going to hit issues were hdd is bad and cause all havic to happen getting around the bad part of drive. keep the drive cool, no need to cause it to overheat and then lose all files completely, no cut/paste (moving), but keep track via "copy"
  10. unmanaged switch = cheap item, that you plug your cat5/6 cables into, instead of hitting remote for your TV or stereo receiver for inputs selections, the switch does it auto for all the wires you have plugged in. most wifi/wireless routers have 4 ports plus 1 for up link. you are getting a router without firewalls, packet forwarding, printer server, hard drive server via usb, etc... vs a "un managed switch" which is more like a wireless router on a chopping block with no features whatsoever. a managed switch, is general a wireless router, but normally has a bunch more wired por
  11. random thoughts, because i do not know. i would check bios / firmware updates. i have not dealt with all the cables in ages, but there are a couple different cat5/6 cable types, cross over and standard cable types. same wire, same connectors, just a couple pair of wires are switched around. ya its been awhile, what is it called, (packet size, and TLL? or TL?) its a setting of how large of a packet gets sent per time, and time between each packet. do you have modem cable plugged into correct "hole" on router. as in the "router hole". ((been there done that)) and not
  12. foam i have, is just like a flat sheet, no ribs, points, etc... word of warning, pay attention, when permanent marker falls into chair under one of the blankets, with shorts on. leaves a nasty looking mark like a bruise. (open mouth about my chair, and it fought back!)
  13. agree on getting monitor/s in correct spot! reason for adjustable desk height. to set monitor/s on, but more importantly get keyboard mouse at correct level. when desk is to high or to low, your shoulders take a beating, and those shoulder muscles hit your back, chests, and sides, and neck. but having monitors wall mounted, and off desk, and also adjustable height. would go as well keeping monitor/s correct eye level. getting use to a "height" for monitor vs eye level = using muscles that are not normally used to position your head to look up/down, that is not comfortable.
  14. random thoughts. unplug everything, replug it all back in. disconnect, hard drives, cdroms, dvds, blue ray drives, and see if loads to asking for a boot device, reboot and see if you can get into bios and is normal. hard drives when they start going bad and errors happen, have had this issue a few times. run "mem tester" app to check out ram. takes a long time general, but goes through your ram. most motherboards have a "beep code", you need a internal speaker/buzzer, newegg or amazon around 3 to 7 bucks. if you do not have internal speak