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Could some help me out with thermal pad placement on Vega 64?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I have a reference Vega 64 and a Bykski water block and i'm not 100% sure if i'm meant to put thermal pads in certain places.
The instructions can be found here but the pictures they use dont match up perfectly with the reference PCB.
Here's what i've done so far.
I'm not sure if i'm mean to put pads on the components i've highlighted in red. On the right hand side you can see i've put three strips of pads, one of them covers the same things as those highlighted in red.  Again, i'm not sure if that's correct.
The instructions for the EK block would suggest that I should cover the things in red but the instructions for the Watercool Heatkiller would suggest they you dont. 
My concern is that if i put pads on things that shouldn't have them the block would fit properly.
This is the first time i've ever tried fitting a water block so i guess i'm being overly cautious.
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If you don't have the pads needed, then don't put a pad on. EK says you need a pad 0.5mm thicker than on the VRM on those caps(?), so if you don't have those, then don't put a pad on them

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