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How about a button badges for LTX 2019?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Hi to everybody!
I would like to share an idea with you guys. How about to have a button badges for LTX 2019 with funny-crazy faces of Linus and LTT team members on it. 
We all know Linus is a master of million face expression and LTT team is a bunch of characters. So almost in every video you can find unique crazy-funny faces. Please let me present for you some of my favorites.
Thank you and looking forward for you feedback.



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sounds great!

Thanks for your feedback, Colton. I appreciate. If everything will go by plan, I'll see you guys at LTX 2019.

All best!

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9 hours ago, CPotter said:

We're not doing this exactly, but we already have something very similar in the works. :P 

Is this going to be like Penguicon where different buttons means different levels of engagement wanted? 

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