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help me chose my next headphones

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so guy its time for me to upgrade my audio and I need your advice on what headphones to get keep in mind they have to be open back for that sick af sound stage and they have to have like really good imaging and im talking audiophile level headphones not a crappy headset so my budget is about 250 USD for a headphone and if needed an amp and or DAC I was thinking maybe the DT990 pro or the hd6xx or 58x but I heard those last two have very limited sound stage for an open back set

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Everyone I talk to seems to love the DT's for at home. When it comes to sound Sennheiser usually gets it right. I have a set over ear PXC550's i use as my daily driver they go everywhere with me and I love them. If you're gonna pair with an DAC/Amp combo go with the DT's. 

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The Senn's are great. I know my 598s have a phenomenal sound stage although I'd be lying if I said their bass leaves a bit to be desired... ( Will post review on the 6xx when mine arrive next month) (my 598s served me well for the past 7 years time for an upgrade) 


That being said I'm partial to Sennheiser due to excellent customer support I've experienced in the past.



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