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  1. @191x7 what do they do
  2. hi i have a pair of speakers tannoy 402's and lately the twitters have been making so much static noise, if anyone knows something about this problem or has any idea of how to fix it please let me know.
  3. @Dackzy what do you think about these https://www.amazon.com/Superlux-HD668B-Dynamic-Semi-Open-Headphones/dp/B003JOETX8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1485545779&sr=8-1&keywords=superlux+hd+668b&linkCode=sl1&tag=gamesky03-20&linkId=29611c6a82f996f6103ffc3b5162a89e
  4. if your spending this kind of money on an audio set up for gaming put in another 50 usd and get a good headphones and add a mod mic or any other mic im getting the akg k702 wich after a lot of research are great for gaming and I'm gonna pair them with an amp and a mic like ye its more expensive but you'll have something uncomparable to "gaming headset" and it would be great for music and movies for years to come
  5. @Dackzy dude amp... and not like it matters but did you hear about the AD700x
  6. ok thank you man I'll make sure to do those things and keep in touch with you, thx for the help.
  7. @Dackzy I'll make sure to do that
  8. and one very last thing what do you think about the amp thing will i need one and if so i dont have like a lot of budget left
  9. ok man god bless you, you helped me so much and I just orders the akg k702 for 160 USD
  10. and i see great reviews of the DT990 pro for gaming like ninja is using them and like how are they compared to the akg line
  11. and this guy is saying that the Astro headphones are like a touch better for the imaging and thoughts on that
  12. aww man I'm seeing saw many great reviews for the k7xx for gaming like and like a lot more how sure are you that the bass is going to be such a problem and can you pls give like a little more detail of what you think the problem will be
  13. and will I need an amp if so what is the cheapest I can get away with
  14. ok man thank once again for all the help and the support just out of curiosity do you game and if so what do you use @Dackzy