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Convert foot pedal to wireless?

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Hey guys, new member here. I had this idea of converting a traditional electric clay bird thrower with a hardwired footpedal switch to somehow work wirelessly with a phone or remote. I had a few ideas but cannot put them together as a solid plan. I am realtively a noob when it comes to switches and would appreciate any advice or ideas. Thanks!

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If you want a redneck solution you can just take a cheap rc transmitter and hook up the resister to the pedal. Hook up an esc to the motor controller and reciever and presto changeo you have a wireless foot pedal. 

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Arduino with bluetooth breakout (or on board).  There are libraries and examples that can help you set it up.  Phone app can be used to manage pairing and the actual "switch".

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Could you give us some specifics on the the model of electric clay thrower you plan to use, and how it is currently actuated? At a base level, there will most likely be a low voltage trigger that actuates a relay to fire the clay. As accessible as Arduino and similar microprocessors are, I would keep it simple and use an off the shelf remote circuit switch, like this: 




If you specifically want a foot pedal, you'll need to replace the button on that particular solution with wires to a foot pedal, they can be found online as well. 

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