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  1. Your activation will not expire, but you are not licensed to use the software either, it's a bit like having your driving license for a car and then riding a buddies superbike around, your car license doesn't get taken away if you are caught riding the bike, but you will still be in trouble for not having the legal right to use it. If you want hyper v it's best to upgrade your license via Windows store. Or if you don't want to pay you can use something like virtual box legally for free.
  2. People always forget that one of the reasons the retail key is more expensive is that it comes with support from MS for exactly these sorts of problems. Give them a call, e-mail or live chat and they will help you get the problem solved. No better place for support of MS keys than MS themselves, if its genuine and not working, they will just issue you a new one (via your linked MS account), because they can. They also have the ability to remove your old PC from the list linked to the key, to allow you to activate it as if unused.
  3. No way, I can build a 5600 with a 3060 today for 1500 all in. (Gpus are available just expensive here, cpu, mb and gpu are 1150 in a bundle available for delivery next day). For a 2600 and a 570 you may as well price it as GPU used market price plus $100. The case, PSU and HDD have little used value (assuming 3 years+ age), and the RAM isn't worth much either, so $100 is a fair price for those components without warranty.
  4. I've gone down the in house route on my team. I used xamarin at the time because flutter wasn't around back then. It did the job, however with what people charge to make the apps for you, it's better (cheaper) to just develop a good API and give them access to it to make and manage the apps. You'll spend alot of resources making the apps and you will need to maintain them from time to time as both android and ios are always being updated, and device sizes and features change all the time.
  5. What I am getting at is why do you need LAN without internet for phones. Your speed and latency requirements don't seem to match with needing to have the devices communicate in real time, which means that using a mobile base station (which easily has the range you want and is designed to work outside in all conditions) would be the best option, but you say you need LAN specifically and I don't get why that would matter if 1000ms latency and 5mbps is okay for you to use. Perhaps you could share your problem, then a solution could be found.
  6. Is there a reason why you need wifi, can you not just use the phones data?
  7. The JS that is called to draw the extra textbox controls is causing the problem. In the function that calls / creates the text box you need to handle the "already loaded state".
  8. There is a customs union between Turkey and the EEC (EU) (has been since 1995). Germany is in the EEC and turkey is Turkey. So you can buy the Card, and just take it with you sealed up as there will be no additional taxes to pay, nor import duty. You could also just order the card from your home in Turkey from the German website and have it delivered to your house, but of course delivery will be higher.
  9. You paid $100 for an OEM license from MS? That doesn't make any sense because the retail price for a license is $130 from MS direct right now. An OEM can reactivate the license after a hardware change like this (e.g. repair), but you are not an OEM, my guess is you wanted to save a buck or two and this is where you get to by doing that. If it was the $130 license you would have no issue, and would also have direct MS support for any problems. Also physical media is done by you downloading the ISO and putting it on a USB stick, soooo just chalk it up to exper
  10. You are not including the windows license, the fact that you will be paying 2 separate delivery charges, or the fact that the prebuilt comes with an additional year of warranty on all components.
  11. You should set motor torque to 0 when braking. Otherwise you will apply a braking force but continue to apply power whilst braking.
  12. I have a 1060 with dvi, dp and hdmi. I got it because my old monitor only had dvi. I upgraded the monitor and noticed that I am not able to use the dvi output at the same time as dp or hdmi. The dvi connected screen is just always blank if one of the others is used. It could be the same issue. But I think the guys above are onto something with the "check it's plugged into the GPU" as a 1650 does NOT support VGA output at all.
  13. What exactly did you install of the optional components? VS has a sql server environment that can be installed, but that is a huge resource hog especially when you only have 8gb of ram.
  14. Yes there is a way. Go to the burger menu (top right) then "my activity streams" click "content I posted in" and scroll to the bottom and you'll see an RSS button. You can use that link to input the data into whatever you want as it is just XML, it also has links in there so you can get the RSS of the subpage that will contain your posts. Thats as structured as you'll get without having DB access.
  15. The NVv3 series VMs in azure are gpu optomized VMs and can be used for streaming games. That's literally one of their advertised uses. (Insert anchorman "I don't believe you" gif) I have no idea how well it would work or what the lag will be like but it's free for the first 12 months with a new azure account so give it a whirl. (Just realised that MS May not offer the NV tier as part of the free offer, but check it out anyway)