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  1. You don't need to do any extra work for a Ps4 controller to work on windows 10. You plug it in via USB and then it just works. I know because I've just got one. You only need to install more software if you want the track pad to work, but you have a mouse, so why bother.
  2. Which is the tool mentioned in the link I posted.
  3. Thats not correct. If you build them as embedded resources then it is possible. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/96732/embedding-one-dll-inside-another-as-an-embedded-resource-and-then-calling-it-fro
  4. In Visual Studio just reference the dlls in your project. When it is built into a library it will include all of the referenced libraries as well.
  5. Bottle neck calculation is easy. Have you got a shitty CPU? Then thats the bottleneck. Shitty GPU then that's the bottleneck. Got a decent CPU and GPU and want to know what's the bottleneck? Why? Just play your games, they all run great.
  6. If you are thinking about buying it also check out the chg70. It's basically the same spec monitor, very little difference in price, but has 350 nit brightness with a 600nit peak with HDR and supports more colours (30bit rather than 24bit). The jg56 has 300 and no hdr.
  7. Can't you just share your "legitimately downloaded movies and TV shows" folder on the network? Or is this not running locally?
  8. There's an app for android called droidcam that allows you to hook up your phone via USB and use it as a webcam. The free version works perfectly and it might be a better (easier) solution if you have an android phone.
  9. OP asked how to install iso, mounting in windows 10 is how to do it without 3rd party software. If you need it on removable media just copy the iso to the drive and then mount the iso from the removable drive. That's really the easiest way. It's 2 clicks for mounting, 4 if you want it on a removable drive. Just loading the 3rd party program is 2 clicks on its own. I don't personally understand why anyone would install extra software to do this.
  10. Windows 8 and upwards. Right click the ISO and select mount.
  11. Dongles have been around since before the Internet was a thing, well before wireless anything. We used to use LPT Dongles for software keys before Windows 3.1 even became popular.
  12. You believe what you want. But grey market licenses are against the licensing terms, making the license invalid. You likely will not be caught, but your key could one day stop working. It's not fear mongering it's the truth about how regional licensing works. If it was perfectly okay no one would buy at the expensive price. Anyone who believes cheap licences are legit is fooling themselves. Its not illegal because Microsoft don't make the law, but they do control what Keys are active and allowed to access online services. It's also a complete piss take against software developers.
  13. Those licenses are not legal retail licenses. You may as well go unlicensed rather than waste your money on one that isn't a legal license for you. I don't get why people like you are willing to spend thousands on Games and Hardware, but wont spend $100 on the software that actually allows the Games to run. Stop being a cheap ass and buy real licenses.
  14. Try calling the citizens advice bureau, they can put you in touch with solicitors that will give free employment advice, and even help you fight wrongful dismissal. The short and curleys of it are that if she is a shift worker she will for certain be fired. She will have to sue for wrongful dismissal and only then will you find out if what the did was wrong. If your family needs the money now, then she should go to work.
  15. The extra 2gb is doing very little in your system. An almost 50% increase in frequency will be more noticeable (you probably won't notice much difference truth be told) . However if you don't have any current performance issues for you chosen applications then just leave it alone.