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Onboard Audio Issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently bought a new pair of headphones with a separate microphone, but whenever I plug a mic into my rig I get some really hideous static which seems to get louder over time. If any audio is playing through the headphones, the signal seems to be picked up by the mic and distorted. I've tried two microphones and both have had the issue.


The mic connects via 3.5mm mic jack, so if I were to guess at the problem, I'd guess my motherboard's audio was jacked up. That's not a surprise - the motherboard's pretty old at this point.

Has anyone had this issue? What is it and what causes it? What's the cheapest way I can fix it?

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It might be a grounding issue. Can you check if there's any voltage on the grounding pin on your power strip? There shouldn't be any.

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