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RGB on the phanteks Eclipse P350X case

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have 2 questions, 1. Does the Phanteks Eclipse P350X use 3 pin or 4 pin connectors for its RGB and 2. if its 3 pin, is there somewhere I can get a 3pin to 4pin adapter because my motherboard only has 1 4pin connector, its an Asus prime B450 plus (90MB0YN0-M0EAY0) and everything else uses 4 pin rgb. Thx :P

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Posted · Original PosterOP

yea I know that but the advertise it working with Aurora RGB, I was wondering if the connector for it was 3pin of 4pin (i didn't make it very clear)

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Hi !



As you may see on this manual : http://www.phanteks.com/assets/manuals/PH-EC350PTG.pdf

I own one, it's a 3Pin connector for D-RGB headers. Which I cut off for reuse with my Corsair RGB Lightning hub in order to connect it to my MB. No problem, It can be run with a sata connector and embedded control buttons.



#RTFM, as would have said our great lord Linus 😛



Hope this helps


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