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  1. I would also consider delidding the 7700K in this usecase, as this CPU is known for higher temps. Get any one of the coolers that you mentioned, check thermals and see if you are satisfied. If not, delid!
  2. I play OSRS (Oldschool Runescape) Mobile as often as I can.
  3. The Alienware 51M is pretty much as good as it gets imo
  4. The haf-x case is quite nice tbh, i'd keep it! Though with the years it's probably pretty dirty, cleaning it would be a project by itself
  5. Anyone else running W3680 OC to around 4.5ghz? Voltage at 1.368 according to CPU-Z. Load temps are touching 80C, though idle is sitting somewhere between 40 and 50. Do I have anything to worry about? Heck, is there even any point in trying to push the clock higher?
  6. Did you check the QVL list of supported ram sticks and speeds? For example, my AB350N board can only run a few 3200Mhz ram sticks at best.
  7. You dont need RGB connectors for the built-in RGB to work on this chassi. It's solely powered by a sata power connection as far as I remember.
  8. I'd go for the Z170 platform if that's the choice you have other than going for overclockable boards for 2nd gen. Mainly because there is still an upgrade path if you decide to go for an 6700k or even 7700k later.
  9. GALAX is not the best GPU brand but they aren't fake, if that's what you're wondering. Now, if you were to chose the 680, you would need much more wattage from your PSU than if you'd use a 1050ti. As everyone else before me stated, the 1050ti is the right choice here for many reasons. Driver support (and thus being a newer card) is numero uno here
  10. Yeah I took channeling into account when installing the sticks. Thing is I lost track of which one is which when I moved them around to test them in all setups possible. Will take them out and check the serial numbers - thanks
  11. Hello. I recently bought a second identical pair of 2x8GB corsair ram sticks. One of theese two didn't work no matter where i put them in any PC. So I made an RMA request to Corsair that got approved. To my problem: Corsair want me to send back both sticks of the pair. I do not know which one of the three remaining sticks (they are all in my system) that is paired with the defective one. Does this matter? As far as I can understand they are all made the same.
  12. Thanks for the info. Going to check local retailers first for anything that resembles a dust filter. Is it necessary at all to care for what materials it is made of and the density of the filter itself, or do I just get whatever fits?
  13. I think I'll go with what you suggested here and use the rear fan as an intake. Where do I get my hands on a dust filter for the rear grill? Does FD supply theese or am I looking for a homebrew solution? I got the Mobo/CPU combo pretty cheap, was worth it in my opinion.
  14. Im sorry. What I meant to ask is how I should setup my fans to achieve lowest temps.