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What’s in the works for Floatplane?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I spotted a comment on Floatplane of someone saying they don’t feel they’re getting a compelling value out of Floatplane. I took a moment to explain what the state of Floatplane is right now, with it in beta and made a guess about the stuff the team is prioritising. I mentioned that we’re on Floatplane to support the journey, and LMG and that creature comforts would come in due course.


However it got me thinking; as a developer I was about to start my own vessel competitior at their, demise shall we call it, until I noticed Luke and the team step forward to create their own here on the forum. I’m really excited to see the platform grow, so I was wondering if you were going to do a blog, public trello roadmap (google that) or maybe a bit more info during wan show on what you’re working on and what we can expect to see.


Even simply saying “you won’t see much this week, I’m sorry. But we’re working on launching this cool new protocol to help load balancing and we’ve got to port everything over” would be sweet - but I have a soft spot for the details.


Anyway just some thoughts.

Doing a fantastic job as always and I’m really excited!




(P.S. iOS app with chromecast for #1 priority on user features 😉)





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5 hours ago, gergy008 said:



I am a simple person with simple tastes. I would subscribe to floatplane if it meant firepole.


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