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Good experience with Antec Customer Support

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I recently picked up two older Antec cases (P280s... so... 6ish years old) off of craigslist for super cheap. Unfortunately, NEITHER of them had hard drive trays in them. (Who the hell takes those things out anyway?) 


So I e-mailed Antec's support considering I couldn't find the drive trays for purchase on their website. A day later, I got an e-mail saying that they'd send me a few for free if I just paid shipping! (Yes, I even TOLD them I bought them used!) The ONLY drive sleds I could find on ebay were selling for $10 a piece! And there were only 2 of them! Of course, I agreed, gave them my paypal address, and well... the bill never came. I e-mailed them back and said "Hey, I never got an invoice." And they said "This is our gift to you!" (I mean, shipping was only a few dollars anyway.) 


So yeah, a super nice experience with Antec's Customer support, even for a very old (in computer terms) product. 


Thanks Antec! :)


EDIT: Although now that I look at it, it seems their modern P100 is near identical to the P280, and probably has the same drive sleds, so they probably had tons of them lying around. Still nice regardless. :) 

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It's nice to hear dreamlike costumer support every now and again, all you usually read is horror stories.


Antec, you get a +rep from me

Although I probably won't buy another case from them because they don't fit my needs..

When the PC is acting up haunted,

who ya gonna call?
"Monotone voice" : A local computer store.

*Terrible joke I know*


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+1 for effort, Antec!


But the likely story here is the sleds are taking up inventory space and the demand is zero. But hey it's still a positive experience!

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