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    Gaming is what keeps me occupied in my spare time. Not to forget that I love to work on PC hardware.
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    Intel i7 4790K
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    ASUS Maximus VII Hero
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB x4 = 32GB
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    Windows 10 Home [Build 1803]

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  1. PayDay 2 with the body count set to Ultra; it doesn't get more insane than this
  2. 650Ti has NVENC, 660 should as well Dual channel will help a little bit, however upgrading the CPU & using that to encode would be money well spent; I take it mobile LoL isn't the most intensive on the GPU so you could skate by with that GTX660 if that's all you plan to stream. Keep in mind moving to a new CPU (especially a new platform) means DDR4; so then you have to buy new memory regardless & I'd make sure it's dual channel. It's probably worth upgrading the CPU & Memory all at the same time, value wise it'll be better in the long run. However don't let t
  3. Might I add to this you can use Fullscreenizer when playing in windowed mode to make it look like borderless fullscreen. Great for alt-tabbing & games that don't support borderless fullscreen but need it to stay stable (Sims 2 & 3 looking at you here)
  4. They've had an app for a long time, back before iOS 6 it even came installed .. as default. But IIRC they wanted to do things Apple wouldn't let them, so they ended that deal & moved on by making it a normal downloadable app. Not saying Google wouldn't like you to use their app, Chrome and all of the other services they offer.
  5. And how will you get two mouse cursors? It is possible, don't get me wrong! There used to be a few applications that allowed you to do just this : One I used was this weird Russian one Give the trail a shot, it worked surprisingly well. You can even with some tweaking (Use Sandboxie) run two instances of Origin/Steam and hell even the same game! It's pretty cool for lan parties where you have one beastly system and want to share it Edit: Of course running a Linux system as a base, then setting up a Hypervisor & passing through gr
  6. This is what I do on Discord as well : D instead if *:D I'd prefer a way to turn this off, but the space fixes it mostly if not making it look a little silly ; D
  7. Never used CAM myself, I personally like HWiNFO in "Sensor Only" mode. It's not as stunning in it's looks, but what is shown can be customized & monitored. Another nifty little feature is it's ability to run as a portable on any system as long as you provide admin rights, no need to install it if you don't feel like doing that
  8. I'd try ending the task "Xtreme Tuner " and try playing again. I know it's Galax's GPU software, but it wouldn't be far fetched to think it might be calling itself to the foreground. If that doesn't work, what happens if you run Doom (2016 I assume) in windowed fullscreen mode? IRC it has that option
  9. Glad to help @Ayush007 may I quickly suggest you reply to us in one post? You don't need to make separate ones for every reply On-topic : What's running in your taskbar? Any anti virus software for example? What do you have installed on your system & when you open task manager what processes do you see. If you don't understand, feel free to ask I'll gladly elaborate.
  10. True, that'd make things a lot easier. I just don't because it feels nice having a fresh Windows install every now and again
  11. I've done something similar to this before. You can use OBS-NDI to stream from the PC your playing on to the one that needs to encode/display it. This can be done over the local network, it also saves resources on the PC that is playing the game as it doesn't have to compress it as much (if you can push it through a 1Gbit RJ45 cable). EposVox has a great video tutorial for this!
  12. I format whenever I screw up my install beyond repair or when it gets slow. Usually that is within a year, it's been 14 months now and I am planning a reinstall. About your problem, when you say : Do you mean the start menu opens? It shows the lock screen? Or it shows the desktop? If it goes to the desktop, what applications are running in the background? Did a notification show up? Those might also minimize the game. If you don't mess around with system files I agree with this; but when you start messing with the registry a
  13. Couldn't agree more. I did learn stuff like that once I got a job, and if I was unsure; google's your friend True, if you put some effort in yourself and have a keen eye for learning that stuff it does unravel more quickly. I do have to honest and say I'm a high-school dropout, for a number of reasons but I'm not gonna get into it too much. So my education itself is pretty low, but that didn't stop me from learning English, French & doing volunteer work and eventually getting unpaid internships in IT departments/computer stores. Until I started work as an IT Consult
  14. I ran into the same roadblock; if your parents don't help you & explain it's hard to figure things out. How do taxes work? How do I buy & insure a car? How do I open a pension savings account? Stuff like that needs to be thought to children, it is so important yet it gets neglected all too often. And Linus, I cannot watch this video right now but judging by the other posts it's serious. We love you, I think I can say that! Many of us have owe you for our hobby/passion and maybe even our career, you brought us along a journey with so much powe
  15. If you find the source, mind PM'ing it to me? Genuinely didn't know about that filename extension trick yet! I knew it worked for image files, but now I know what to do when I feel lazy and want my to play an MP4 without the video feed