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    AndyCapets got a reaction from Right Side Gone in What does "GTX" stand for   
    Gran Tourismo Xtreme
    IDK really...
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from crystal6tak in Will this build work in theory   
    No it won't work, your case is M-ATX and the mobo is ATX.
    Edit: Yeah just take something else than the Prodigy M..
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from mikestechs in Father Fuzzy's Apparition(BOTW)   
    Oh god this build... Definetly going to be on the WAN Show! Great build man, and I know I keep stressing this, but god dem pics!
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in "Google announces Project Tango, a smartphone that can map the world around it"   
    Coming from Google, selling personnal infos about you to the US gov.. mapping your house using there tech... just no.
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from ErickS89 in Possible To Play a Modded Skyrim On Ubuntu And Steam?   
    Skyrim is a Windows only game, sadly no Linux support...
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from IdeaStormer in Adblock or Adblock Plus?   
    Adblock Plus for me.
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from bbrooking18 in Ugliest case ever?   
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

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    AndyCapets reacted to Geekazoid in 17Mb/s slower than 12Mb/s ?   
    Me too. I just like the shows. No dressing up at all.
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from TheKDub in Experiences with non-techies   
    Ok so, you know, there are folders that only you can access since they're yours, but problem was that you could access to the folders of the people in your entire class and vice versa, but that was ok I guessed, until I found out that you could access the personal folders of the teachers, which contained all the futur homeworks and stuff, so yeaaahhh... I told the IT guy about it and he then called the principal, and they were like, "how about you fix this for us and tell nobody about it ?" I was okay with that, but yeah, detention...
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    AndyCapets reacted to LinusTech in HighLANder - The World's Highest Elevation LAN Party... EVER!   
    So it will be a while before Guinness sorts through our footage to validate the world world for themselves, but it was definitely the highest altitude LAN party (okay... someone on a plane could have gamed higher up, but we're talking while still on land here) EVER!
    This project was a blast and wouldn't have been possible without help from a LOT of people including the Tek Syndicate team, Austin Evans, the NeweggTV guys, and OF COURSE our sponsors.

    Huge thanks first to ASUS for providing us with the router we used at the top, the funding we needed to get our teams out there, and of course a dozen of their latest RoG gaming notebook the G550JK, which you can check out in this video here:

    Oh... and did I mention in the above video I've got details for how you can WIN the very notebook that I gamed on at the top of the mountain? Did I also mention that it's signed by me, Logan, Paul, Kyle, Luke, and Qain????
    But don't worry if you don't win one. Newegg's got a deal going right now where you get an exclusive bundle if you buy one at this link. Check it out!

    Our next big thank you goes out to Intel. They partnered with us to help pay many of the people involved including members of our teams. Oh and I guess they also made the efficient quad core Core i7 processors that went inside the G550JK notebooks we carried up the mountain. If they consumed more power and output more heat, then those would have been pretty difficult to lug up there!

    Speaking of difficult to lug, our final sponsor, Corsair, was probably laughing at us when they sent their (awesomely built, but a touch heavy) all new Vengeance K95 and K70 RGB keyboards to us to game with at the summit. I cannot fault the build quality of these outstanding keyboards, and as long as the one I get once they're released ends up sitting on my desk instead of strapped to my back, then everything is going to be okay...
    EDIT: You can get your own official HighLANder shirt if you order here: http://teespring.com/highlanderlan
    So... With all of that out of the way, here are the videos!
    Linus Tech Tips Official

    Linus Tech Tips Vlog 1
    Linus Tech Tips Vlog 2

     Tek Syndicate Official

    Austin Evans

    Newegg TV Part 1

    Newegg TV Part 2

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    AndyCapets reacted to davido_labido in Project H2Orange   
    an update!! wooohooo!
    Well, with my computer being nominated for mod of the month over at bit-tech (vote for me here please!!!  ) i thought id best actually do some modding!
    A massive thanks to 

     for sponsoring the sleeving for this build! For those who dont know, E22 is in partnership with Lurto0 customs who sells teleios sleeving.
    i wanted teleios sleeving.
    there is no orange teleios sleeving.
    lets mod some sleeving!!
    So, this is half of the sleeving i was sent from E22.Biz i have more white too... i want this orange though..

    This is where Stuart from Kemtex.co.uk came in. I emailed Stuart a few times as id seen somebody dye sleeving before, but every attempt i tried had failed.
    Stuart is a expert in dyes and after a few emails, i rang him. He was very interested in what i was doing and actually told me that the stuff i was ordering was far beyond my needs and he turned down a £25+ order, in the end all i needed was this

    and he actually supplied it to me for free as he was interested in whether it would work or not.
    So, i got a pan of hot water and put it on the hob (notice the stains, this wasnt my first attempt lol)

    Then added around half of the 25g bag of dye.

    I gave it a stir (do you think i could be a hand model?) (Parvum, valkia, anderp.... no taking the mick -.- )

    Grabbed the sleeving and started to put it in!


    Try and get all the sleeving underwater, make sure you stir often and also turn it over as much as you can

    after around 10 minutes

    after around 20 minutes

    after around 30 minutes

    the colour the sleeveing is in the pan isnt the same as what you will get in the end, you MUST wash off the dye, this does take a lot of colour away from the sleeving, this is what i got in the end:

    Some nicer shots:



    So, once id done this i thought i best actually sleeve something...
    24 pin:

    8 pin:

    6 pin pci-e to 2 6 pin pci-e 

    Group photo:

    I have got 2 more of the pci-e sets obviously for my other 2 cards, but i didnt want to over crowd the photos lol.
    Once again, a massive thanks to E22.biz and also Kemtex.co.uk If you want sleeving or dye, please give either of them a visit!
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    AndyCapets reacted to ZetZet in What should I buy for 120€ ?   
    Probably faster, but flash drive is better capacity to volume ratio.
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    AndyCapets reacted to alexdenseje7 in What should I buy for 120€ ?   
    What about a new keyboard or mouse? or a closed loop watercooler, or some more fans for his case
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    AndyCapets reacted to madmaster32 in What should I buy for 120€ ?   
    Personally I would'nt mind having an extra ssd for games but it depends on what storage solution he's got already. And I have to add that some nice looking fans shouldn't be out of the question if he got a windowed chassi.
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    AndyCapets reacted to AustinKZombie in What should I buy for 120€ ?   
    Porn on the go I like it.
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    AndyCapets reacted to 79wjd in HAF912 vs. 200R vs. NZXT 210 vs. Antec 300   
    I definitely can't see any reason to not stick with mATX. The only advantage that ATX really has anymore over mATX is that you can have SLI graphics and another PCI card, or SLI graphics with extra space between the cards, or three/four-way SLI. None of which I think will be an issue for me as I'm not going to do more than two-way SLI, and I can put two cards next to eachother without too much trouble anyway.
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    AndyCapets reacted to Zeke in Best LAN Party/Mobility Cases?   
    Heh, well, tastes differ. 
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from Guest in The Words Of Linus!   
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    AndyCapets reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Truth or dare? :L   
    If you dare. I don't think you've got it in you. 

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    AndyCapets reacted to Jerakl in Paranormal Activity at my home (?)   

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    AndyCapets reacted to wng_kingsley7 in Battlefield Hardline Trailer Leaked   
    Oh my bad. I'm actually not very firm with the BF franchise entirely  :wacko:
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    AndyCapets reacted to Samdb in CODE Keyboard unboxing and review   
    CODE Keyboard (MX Greens)



    The box


    The box was pretty dinged up, there was a slight rip on one of the corners, however this is to be expected when shipping an item overseas.




    A lot of people has complained about their keyboard coming in an over sized box with no protective packaging, essentially swimming around in there. i didn't have this problem, the item was well packaged, however cannot sustain human abuse.


    A worrying start


    I have a feeling that the box was dropped somewhere along the line due to this significant crumple, considering how tightly packaged keyboard usually are.


    The Inside


    Pretty standard inside, keyboard presented in a foam cover and the accessories in a cardboard section above.


    The accessories


    The accessories include a wire key cap puller, a USB to PS/2 adapter and a non braided USB to micro USB cable. The wire key cap puller is a nice addition as most of the included pullers are usually made of plastic. The USB to PS/2 adapter is the standard stuff. The USB cable isn't braided, however is thick and of a nice quality, with an included Velcro tie thing that gives it a premium feel.


    The board itself


    Isn't she a beaut? Nice and sleek with no macro keys, LCD displays and any of the other junk that just clutters your typing experience.


    The underbelly


    The standard stuff here, just an overview and will go into more detail in the following images.


    The sticker


    This shows information about the keyboard, the switch type, where it was designed and where it was manufactured.


    The rubber feet


    Before we start, lets just say that once you put this thing down, it isn't going anywhere. On the bottom there are three rubber feet for each side of the keyboard, a total of six, compared to some keyboards two rubber feet.


    The DIP switches


    To enable back lighting, caps lock to control and other functions, one must flip switches accordingly on the back of the keyboard. The only problem I had wit this is that I had to use a pen to access it due to the size of my hands.


    The key caps


    The key caps seem to be average, with a rubberized/smooth feeling texture on the top and the sides.



    Here is the underside of the key cap. My model features a rubber o-ring pre-installed, which is a nice touch as installing o-rings can be frustrating.


    The switch


    This particular model features MX Green switches, which are heavier than blues and produce the same "click" that is associated with mechanical keyboards, however you do not get the bottom out sound which puts off a lot of people due to their volume. You can also see the white LED.


    Size comparison


    As you can see, for a full sized keyboard, it isn't that wide, compared to my CM Storm Quickfire Stealth (MX Browns) and from experience, not pictured, my Razer Blackwidow (MX Blues).


    The backlight


    This is my first keyboard that has back lighting. This is the lowest brightness that the keyboard can reach. The back light is actually white, with one exception, my numpad 3 key has a slight yellow tint to it, but I'm sure I'll get over it.



    This is the keyboard on full brightness, as you can see, it can get quite bright.


    Artsy shots


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    AndyCapets reacted to Jumper118 in 9800GTX+ SLI Review   
    i know. the 1gb one would be much better in benchmarks because they use all the vram.
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    AndyCapets reacted to Karumu in YOU should try this.   
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    AndyCapets got a reaction from Mooshi in What makes you happy?   
    My girlfriend that I see every morning next to me in bed, and all day long. Damn living with her is the best thing that ever happened to me, she's amazing.