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    - Son Rukiri
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    That information is classified by the Japanese Government
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    Sexy Hardware
    Vidya Gamez
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    I'm just awesome, that's all ya needz to know.
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    Web Dev


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    WS-E X99(or Rampage V Extreme)
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    G.Skill Value 32GB(value cuz I can just slap a waterblock on)
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    3X Galax 980 Hof
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    Caselabs (no specific model chosen yet)
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    EVGA Super Nova 1600w
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    LG IPS-TV 55" 4K(capable of 240hz)
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    custom loop
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    corsair RGB k95
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    Windows 10 PRO x64

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  1. For Gsync you cant go wrong with the acer or asus models however $600+ is to be expected...
  2. Eh... I think it's time for an upgrade pal! But to answer your question I would say it's feasible that you can run any game at ultra at 144hz(1080p) without dips. I'm waiting for 1440p 240hz myself, own a x34 but I mostly play fighting games so I'll be moving back to a 3x1 1440p setup and having my x34 on top for FPS or open world games.
  3. The tariffs only went in effect in July so that can't b e the reason they're shutting down and only using it as an excuse. They have been struggling for years now... I have a SMA8 and the clips they use to hold the doors are utter crap, the clips in general are just awful... The doors after awhile will push thru the clips thus making it very loose and eventually you can't shut your doors anymore. Them going into bankruptcy has nothing to do with the tariffs, it's due to the fact the company was mismanaged, couldn't diversify, and a lot of ignorance on their part.
  4. This is the only version of windows I'm having installation problems with, it keeps reverting to the previous version of windows.. Some of the redditers have said to uninstall your gfx drivers before applying the update, can't confirm it works but will edit this post if it does. Anyone else have problems installing this build? Edit: Unlike previous builds I had to remove my overclock otherwise would bsod on 75%, I would also use DDU to remove your gfx drivers. Installed perfectly fine after that.
  5. We'll see if they'll still be using the flawed design with the next macbook update if there is an update at all at WWDC.
  6. So when can I actually throw my money at corsair? This looks dope! Nah, nah it's gonna be friggin yuge trust me I know!
  7. Nvidia generally launches cards around the summer or spring so it is possible to see them maybe by august but I don't expect them until next april.
  8. Maybe wait until after GDC to see if volta is coming and just have your card ready if they announce a release date... But yea, agree with the Titan XP as that's honestly the only option right now...
  9. Just been playing FighterZ lately
  10. I use a datavac electric duster, works great! You will still need an electric brush of some kind and some paper towels if you are going to get it spicky clean.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BTC49X6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's a wobbly desk, but because I live in a townhouse so mounting some fast adjustable shelving brackets and then using L brackets isn't possible, I mean I could... I just don't want to. When I buy a house I'll be doing that though. You'd want 4 of the same pieces of wood so you get a good enough desk when I basically did a DIY desk back in 2012 I only had 3... but it worked, would have been better with a 4th row of wood though.
  12. Are you in a driving distance (4-5 hours) from an ikea? I'm in South Dakota so it's about a 4 or so hour drive and I too drive a small car but would rent a truck. At an expensive flat rate.. It makes no sense what so ever to have ikea ship anything to you, unless you're furnishing an entire house it's a waste of money and better yet I'd drive the 4-5 hours and rent a truck and what it'd cost to ship the stuff to me I'm spending half that on a rental and gas!
  13. What is your budget? Honestly if you're near an ikea avoid their sit stand desks...they're awful and reviews to back that up, but their kitchen counter tops are great! If you can get a long enough piece just get some alex drawers and plop the top on 2 drawers, granted I may suggest adding a leg in the middle for stability. If you got $$$, uplift, autonomous, jarvis, evodesk, etc are great options. uplift has the largest desktop of any of them.
  14. I obviously would never leave windows for gaming, but if I could get Photoshop and adobe products running under wine and maybe my favorite game engine I for the most part would go back to my sweet sweet gentoo distro!
  15. @dizmo Cutting glass is easy, that's all you're doing and it's also more durable the acrylic as otherwise if you want clear tubing but want to do bends you would use acrylic but acrylic is pretty brittle....