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    ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
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    Corsair Dominator 1600 2x4 GB
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    MSI N580GTX TF3
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    Corsair 650D
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    Crucial M4 128 Gb and Barracuda 7200 1Tb
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    Logitech K800
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    Logitech G700
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    Logitech G930
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    Windows 10

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  1. I do have a NAS but the problem is that due to physical placement of my TV and how my network works, running a wired connection would not be easy and I doubt that DLNA from a network drive will work smoothly with 1080p content due to WiFi speeds.
  2. Does Tizen (or any other smart TV OS for that matter) allow you to work with files on the USB drive connected to the TV from another device through the network?
  3. I know this might seem obvious but I've fallen into this more often than I'm capable of admitting: do you have your CPU power plugged in?
  4. Since Ingress 2.0 Pokemon GO is so hawt right now it's only fair that they're trying to push out relevant videos to as much people as possible.
  5. A great little piece of tech :> Just imagine the possiblities... I just wonder how long a portable setup utilizing it could last from a battery-powered source to make it truly portable.
  6. Yeah, keep trying CaptionBot


  7. For 1.7k$ I'd expect it to be slim enough to occupy less than four USB ports.
  8. You might want to specify what accessories you are talking about and what do you want from them.
  9. I'm assuming you're going to use this for gaming, and for that even an i5 beats FX9590, so you'd be much better off buying that. Get an i7 if your budget allows that. Yes, in raw numbers AMD seems better, but any non-synthetic benchmark or CPU test will prove otherwise. Also Intel CPUs tend to run much, much cooler, meaning that if you get a K-series CPU and a mobo that supports overclocking, you'll be able to get quite a nice stable overclock with that cooling system of yours.
  10. Chances are you'll replace the system because it becomes obsolete, not because it breaks down. Also, don't pair GTX970 with that CPU.
  11. I think it's not the length that's the issue, it's the fact that the buttons are not coming from a same piece of plastic (unlike G700 or some other Logitech mice). I've looked that issue up and it seems like quite a lot of 502s have it, so I returned it to the store and gonna wait for the successor I guess... Also my problem comes from lifting my hand from the mouse, not lifting the mouse up (tbh never done that and never understood people who did that but I guess that's just me).
  12. Alright, thanks, I'll try to replace it.
  13. @Savir @SeanAngelo Made a little video, do your mice do that to the same extent as well or is mine extra screwed up? (had to use a ruler because introducing my finger to the situation freaked the AF out, hehe)