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  1. UK Parliament Hit By Cyber Attack

    The thing is, David Cameron had a similar idea of banning encryption, but did a U turn when, I presume, someone sat him down and told him what encryption actually meant, which is understandable and somewhat commendable to Davey C. May, however, is fucking hellbent on this shit. If she goes through with it, there'll be protests countrywide.
  2. Hello :)


    Boy, I used to be a cunt on this forum, sorry anyone that was affected by that. It's cool seeing old faces on here still :D 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more


      you should be online and active more on discord haha

    3. yathis


      Is Anime popular with adults 18+ or even 26+ ?

    4. wrathoftheturkey
  3. Moving W7 to one hard drive to another?

    I'll try it out, thank you very much
  4. Moving W7 to one hard drive to another?

    Hi everyone I recently put Windows 7 Ultimate on a spare 320GB HDD of mine to try it out and decided that I want to put it on my main 240GB SSD. I was wondering if there was any cloning software that would enable me to clone onto a storage device smaller than the drive I want to clone from. Thanks
  5. A social issue today

    Banter is a British word, and yes, we fucking love it.
  6. How am I supposed to respond to this?

    "I'm sorry to hear that. Send whenever you are able to, there's no rush"
  7. Buying pc games in physical CD copy format.

    Presuming that the CD comes with a key for Origin/UPlay/Steam/alternative: Yes Yes. It's just an activation key. Downloading. The key is attached to your account.
  8. A social issue today

    as a Brit, I'm afraid I must kill you.
  9. A social issue today

    It is accepted by nearly everyone who's sane.
  10. A social issue today

    That was then, this is now. Times have changed.
  11. glad to see this site going strong still. I lack motivation to return though. I may do one day, not sure

    1. harrynowl


      strong with threads full of poo :D

    2. NeatSquidYT


      yo harry o/ we need to talk more often again :D I'm slowly picking up CSGO, but I'm S3 due to inactivity/not taking anything seriously

    3. harrynowl


      Oh dear :D


      all the ranks went down because too many Russians were boosted to global (joking) . I only just started playing it again more frequently :P

  12. "We can't connect at the moment" Windows 8.1 Install

    I don't think you realise this, but most people don't have blank DVDs laying around. It's not 2005 anymore.
  13. "We can't connect at the moment" Windows 8.1 Install

    Ok this was fixed by not using the shitty software Microsoft suggested for me to use, and just used the normal installation media software.
  14. Hello, I'm currently trying to get a dual boot of Windows 10 and 8.1 working, and whenever I use the installer that I downloaded (which is right next to my key on the Microsoft Store page) it says that it cannot connect to the internet. I've ran that weird cmd command that apparently makes it work, but it did nothing. I've deleted the WebSetup folder and tried it, and it didn't work. Any ideas appreciated If it matters, I had to run the installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode, otherwise the installer spat out an error message saying that I couldn't use it for some reason.