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  • Birthday Aug 06, 1985

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    Computers Day and Night
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    Unemployed, just work on and off with people's computers.


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    i5 6400
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    G.Skill RipJaws V 16GB DDR4 2400
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 750Ti
  • Case
    FractalDesign Define Nano S
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    250GB Samsung 960 EVO NVME M.2
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    Thermaltake 750W
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    2x Dell U2414H
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    Corsair H75
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2
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    Logitech M317
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    JBL Flip 4
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    Linux Ubuntu MATE 17.10

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  1. I have rather small hands for my age (35). BUT I felt those controllers with my cousin's one, and they just never fit right. So I tried the pro controller she had, and I was right at home. I'm a retro guy. NES, SNES, N64, PS/2, GB PSP, etc. I just loved the way the SNES controller felt.
  2. I am not afraid of refurbished products. I have a LOT of devices that were refurbished around here. 90% of them still work to this day. Now, should I buy a new Nintendo Switch off the shelf from, say BestBuy? OR should I get it used from, say eBay? Should I get the whole shebang, or just the tablet? Buy the dock, pro controller (I hate the numchucks) separately? Anyone know about these, please? (I'll buy the games separate)
  3. Mind_001

    New Headset

    Yeah, I see ones on eBay for ~$50, and ones on NewEgg/Amazon for ~$80
  4. Mind_001

    New Headset

    I LOVE my bluetooth LG PK5 speakers, BUT... I have hearing issues, and I have to turn it up a little bit to hear anything. YT vids, Spotify, Movies, etc. I know my Mom doesn't care, but I kinda want her to hear silence.... Would a headphone be a better option? I DO have my old Kraken headset, (2013, maybe?) but the issue with that, is that the earmuff's are worn down quite a bit, top is nearly broken, and it has a USB connection, not the normal audio plug. I'm no audiophile, so any quality would be OK for me. I prefer over the head design. I have
  5. That's what I heard, too...
  6. I am not a network guy. I do build computers, but in setting up networks and extra fiasco isn't my forte. Basics of setting up PfSense, I can do, but to further configure it, I'm scratching my head. I have 2 motherboards/CPU/RAM. These are server grade boards. I received both from a friend. 1. SuperMicro X7SBL-LN2, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel C2D E2140 (I do have a X3330 laying around that I might use), and 4GB DDR2 800 non-ECC (tried putting EEC RAM in, but won't post) 2. SuperMicro X8ST3-F LGA1366/Socket B, Xeon W3520, 12GB DDR3 RAM ECC Now then, w
  7. You even look at it? See the thing on the left side, that is smaller than the AMD heatsink that came with the 2000 series. The 4000 series are actually cheaper but punch a hell lot more. And being their low wattage usage. I think you quoted the wrong part...
  8. Money is unsure atm. Let's keep it around $1,000 (USD) I plan to build this early in Spring 2021, but, for now, I need help choosing parts. Don't rely on sales, as they jump up and down throughout the year. OK, let's start out with the motherboard/case: https://www.newegg.com/asrock-deskmini-x300w/p/N82E16856158068?Item=N82E16856158068 I can get either a 4650G or 4750G on AliExpress for ~$100 cheaper than Newegg. So let's go with the Ryzen 7. For heatsink, the included one looks dinky. The one UFD suggested, on YT, looks amazing. https://www.am
  9. Right now, I'm using ArcoLinux (fork of Arch) But my heart sets with Debian. I started with Squeeze ~10 years ago.
  10. I meant the U series is soldered to the board. The G series is replaceable. I looked at them side by side, and besides the CPU difference, 4x4 has more USB3 A/C Gen2 slots, and 2x Ethernet ports. BUT the X300 has 2x M.2 2280 ports NVME, and 2x SATA 6.0 ports. Less USB functionality, but I can just use a USB3-C hub.
  11. I have been building computers for years. I don't really need a "computer build" help. It's more of, what will be better price per performance wise. I only game lightly, edit videos lightly, watch YT vids, etc. I have been reading up on the ASRock line of AMD "NUC"s. Small form factor desktop motherboards. Now... https://www.newegg.com/asrock-4x4-box-4800u/p/N82E16856158069?Description=4x4+box&cm_re=4x4_box--56-158-069--Product&quicklink=true $600 With 4800U (currently out of stock, I know) OR http
  12. Use ArcoLinux. https://arcolinux.com/ I have been using it for about a year now, and am rather happy with it.
  13. I have the Mako Driver kit and I've been loving it for the last year or so. Might get the Pro version later. Got into a lot of places while our other screwdrivers couldn't.
  14. I forgot to check that. But like you said, I just need an adapter. Truely, with that CPU, I don't think it would require the full 8. But, I can test that out. I think I have an adapter, actually. Have to go through my bag of computer nik-naks.
  15. I have my old trusty Antec Earthwatts 380W laying around here. Will it work with this setup? This motherboard: https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/xeon3000/3200/x7sbl-ln2.cfm cpu: Intel C2D e2140 RAM: 4GB (limit on board is 8GB, might update later) GPU: Onboard HDDs: 2x3TB, 2x 640GB, 2x320GB, (all SATA) and USB flash drive for OS (probably Arch or Debian) I think this should work. Not 100% sure, though. Don't yell at me about my set up, Just answer my question.