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    i7 4700MQ
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    755m 2GB
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    240gb SSD / 500gb HDD
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    power brick
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    kind of shit
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    surprisingly great
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    Zowie AM / MX Master
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    Windows 10

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  1. I couldn't sleep so I started messing around in photoshop. I now have 0% chance of sleeping ever. ...why...
  2. This has already been created. It's called "LennyCrew" and already has most of the regulars here. Contact @GaIaxy or @Minibois about joining
  3. I'd say Hyper 212evo, a cheap AIO, or something from Noctua or Dark Rock.
  4. Pretty much. Though I did find a few matches the other day, it really hasn't aged well
  5. Perhaps scheduled defragmenting or backups. Maybe updates too?
  6. My room is very odd. If I don't keep my PC on overnight, the temperatures drops to 19c, but with it on it sits at a lovely 22c It doesn't even produce much heat, just enough to keep the temperature from slooowly dropping I suppose. But yeah, I'm very careless, just leave my work open and walk away all the time. Last time my PC was off was probably last month.
  7. If you're just gaming, I'd say an i3 4150 as it pairs with the 280x absolutely perfectly, really. If you need a bit of editing on the side, yeah a 6300 is good.
  8. Yea, relatively bad actually. I've got an A8-5600k which seems pretty similar (obviously a bit slower) and a 280x, when the CPU is at 100% usage the GPU is at around 60%
  9. Halo 4, Forza Horizon, and one of my favorite games of all time, Banjo & Kazooie Nuts and Bolts...