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    MX13 and it is gutless but gets 12.7 mpg sometimes.

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  1. It isolates. In the name brudder
  2. Not unheard of for headsets to have crossover issues, which I think may be your issue.
  3. Congratulations you have been visited by the emi fairy. Change cables and move your amp away from your monitor and computer.
  4. Brainwaves blum2. Affordable and good battery life, and you can shove them in your pocket.
  5. How much do you want to spend.
  6. Here is my crappy laptop speakers solution. It's portable, sounds good as can be expected out of the form factor and it works with other devices making it multi platform.
  7. Big girl is big.



  8. Wyoming my have shit weather, but north Carolina has shit drivers.



    1. Levent


      I thought Kansas had shit weather.

    2. EmoRarity


      I was thinking Kansas but meant Wyoming. Kansas has shit driving tho. Literally 500 miles of flat straight lines. And it can be a little windy.

  9. EmoRarity


    "is there a mic that can lower the audio that's behind the mic" A directional mic yes. Is that affordable, not reasonably. You are better off figuring a headset style mic, or throwing Bill at the problem till you achieve your goals
  10. Momentum wireless I guess, the bearded sheep man will mention the Sony wireless option. I guess maybe what ever is in drop will be suitable.
  11. Don't kink shame. It's illegal.
  12. Place it by a Korean playing StarCraft with a mx blue keyboard.
  13. The fiio k3 meets your requirements.
  14. There is no functional way to improve the monitors sound quality, you are going to be looking at buying separate speakers. Those speakers will have their own amp, so don't worry about an ancillary equipment.