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    Seriously, piss off.
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    61 Econoline.
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    170ci i6

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  1. Just use a splitter then, does what you want, avoids what you don't want.
  2. You are augmenting a decent headphone with a sub par sound system.
  3. Wouldnt bother, would just be a terrible trainwreck.
  4. Water and soap, and then find out they're stained, borrow your mothers/wifes stain remover and try that, then water.
  5. How much do you have to spend before someone mindlessly screams M50x.
  6. Werf, was he listening to angsty anime tunes?
  7. With disregard to using an open headphone in public.
  8. Neither? They sound the same has cheaper headphones, E.G. the 558's and M40x.
  9. Or you could buy hd558s which sound the same as the 598.
  10. You might have health issues if you are experience immediate pai with ever headphone. But I am auto tech, not general practician.