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    My boat is very large.
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    At prom with SSL.
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    MX13 and it is gutless but gets 12.7 mpg sometimes.

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  1. I finally get to go home for a day, when im there im going to swap my Sennheisers over for my shures.
  2. Koss is sorta famous for that, doesn't mean they are bad, just means there is better. Sorta like a ford truck. And i hope you have your garter belt on, because this'll blow your socks off. You can use that software on any headphone, most games already have it built in too.
  3. Highly doubt it would void anything. Tho never underestimate the level of buttfuckery out there
  4. The E10 is an amp. It is also a dac. Epic combo style. Works very well for its price point
  5. E10k has been a reasonable option for a hot minute now. Not that the 6xx are hard to operate.
  6. Because your standard desktop/laptop has xlr and not ttrs and usb.
  7. The swan m10 is there for you.and probably available to you.
  8. I have a pair of knipex that has all earbuds are wireless. Oddly the apple ones fall under acceptable and available, you can surf your local "barter" websites and find stolen ones for cheap.
  9. Using an acronym then spelling it out is very metal gear. The ath m40 is a low power requirement headphone, and will not have an issue with the gamedac if the gamedac has a feature set you are after.
  10. Not unheard of for headsets to have crossover issues, which I think may be your issue.
  11. Congratulations you have been visited by the emi fairy. Change cables and move your amp away from your monitor and computer.
  12. Brainwaves blum2. Affordable and good battery life, and you can shove them in your pocket.