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    Gaming, music
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    CNC machine programmer and operator


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    i7 4970 (soon to be upgraded to ryzen 5000 cpus)
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    Asus Maximus VII Ranger (soon to be upgraded)
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    16 GB DDR3 (soon to be upgraded)
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    ASUS TUF 3080 OC
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    Be quiet! Pure Base 500DX
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    1TB NVME m.2 SSD, 128GB Corsair Force GT ssd, 256GB Samsung EVO ssd, 1 TB 7200 HDD
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    Corsair HX850i platinum
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    Acer Predator XB1, 1440p 144hz IPS
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    Stock Intel cooler ...
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    Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard
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    Logitech G502 Hero
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    Win 10 Pro x64
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    Samsung S8

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  1. I think that would be best. Im still used to do it like in the ol'days where you keep your os sepearate from anything else hehe It would be much easier to just have one big partition where most things are. Now i have to figure out how to do it without deleting most of things on D
  2. I have a 1TB m.2 drive on my main pc. When i first installed windows on this drive created a 100GB Partition for windows and the rest as a separate partition for games and other things that require faster drives. Im at a point where that 100 GB isnt enough anymore and i wanted to extend this partition by taking free space from my second partition only to realize im unable to do so because there is a "recovery partition" worth 500mb in between C partition and D partition. Can i delete that? Will it cause any issues? AFAIK there shouldnt be any issues bu
  3. I've finally fixed it. I had to update the bios, change the ssd from MBR to GPT and then delete partitions and remake them and finally was able to both install a new windows and boot from it. I still dont know why the SSD wasnt showing as bootable before and why all boot configuration in bios were greyed out. No idea what happened with this pc. Anyway, its fixed now. Ty @leclod for your help thus far
  4. Yes, that was my thought as well but after some more time looking into this i found that there are 3 drives, not 2 as i suspected. 2 harddrives and 1 sata ssd. All drives show up in bios but the ssd drive with windows on it doesnt show in the windows setup page. I plugged in the ssd drive to my own system and it works fine, however it will not show up in the windows instalation page.
  5. A friend of mine brought a pc to me in order to find out why its going to bios on startup. When i power up the pc, the motherboard logo appears and then it goes to bios without me touching anything. All boot functions are greyed out (boot priority, boot override, boot configurations etc). The motherboard is a Gigabiyte B360M HD3 i believe The CPU is a i7 8700 If i go to sata configuration tab, both hardrives show up there with no problems. If i press f12 before the pc enters bios, it gives me the boot menu which has 2 blank and
  6. I just checked and on the cable itself it says "CAT5E" But the connectors were wired by a friend a few years back ... maybe he wired them wrong?
  7. On my main pc, it says 1000/1000Mbps On the second pc it says 100/100Mbps I also tried the other ports with my main pc, all ports are indeed gigabit So its something with the second pc or the cable. No idea what type of cable it is tho
  8. So long story short, my ISP sent me a new router with wifi 6 and gigabit ports. I've installed and configured it. Everything works fine. I have a 1Gigabit fiber optic connection. On port 1 of the router, im getting the proper gigabit speed. On other ports im not. Im only getting ~100Mbps As far as i know all lan ports on this router should be gigabit. It says on the box and on the manufacturer page. The router in question is a TP Link AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router I have 2 pcs connected to it, both pcs have gigabit capable motherbo
  9. All I know is that the speed is good. The lady from the call center went straight to this setting, we didn't do any troubleshooting. Asked me what os I have and if my mobo has gigabit. I did a few tests in a bunch of games and ping is good, no packet losses, all was good
  10. I solved the issue. Called the call center and the nice lady there guided me to a setting in windows called "Speed and Duplex". Told me to select the 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex value. It was Auto Negotiation before. Now, when doing a speedtest i reach 940 Mbps downloads and 240 upload, pretty much the same as stated in my contract. Thank you all for replying here!
  11. I see. So it could be the wire that goes from the router to my pc right? The technician looked at the wire and how it was wired up and said it was ok (he looked at the colored wires and their order). My connection is fiber optics. They came with the fiber into my home so the only odd wire would be from the router to my pc, otherwise its a fiber optic connection from the provider to my home.
  12. I tried different sites for speed test and tried download games on steam. Im getting the same speeds i had before, aprox 10MB I know i wont be getting the full 1000Mbps, but it shouldnt be just 10 MB. I will call them and see whats happening
  13. Long story short, I just got my new internet connection installed at home. Its a 1 gigabit connection, that would be 100MB download speeds. I just did a speed test and i only get 100 Mbps download and upload, like my old connection. The technician dude told me to check if my mother board has gigabit network and if it does to call the provider and see whats what. Now, i thought i had gigabit but i might be wrong. My motherboard is: ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING The rest of the specs are as follows: Ryzen
  14. Well I don't care to chage the switches so that doesn't matter for me. @seon123thank you for your post!
  15. Ive been using a Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard for a long time now. Its a good keyboard but I want to try something new. The Roccat Vulcan 120 (and 121) caught my eye, it looks apart and from what ive read its not that bad but i wanted to see what other gamers say about it. One thing that is worrying to me is how the keyboard fares after months/years of use. Do the keycaps still resemble a keycap after long time use? One other thing that i like about it is the ease of cleaning it because of how the keycaps are made. Im having a hard time cleaning