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  1. I bought and installed the EKWB 360 D-RGB Elite AIO and installed it in my case. My quick thoughts on this AIO: - comes with 6 pretty nice fans, they are rather quieter than my old Corsair RGB fans. - installation with AMD is super easy and super nice, with consistent pressure. (Corsair AIOs are terrible in this regard) - temps are good. - Pump block feels extremely good, its heavy with its metal build. However, this pump can get super loud, Kraken X73 pump is quieter and Corsair H100i SE pump was much quieter. Max speed pump on NZXT and Corsair pumps had s
  2. Recently, I upgraded my GPU and the very next day I started getting BSOD. I thought the BSOD was related to GPU so I put in a different GPU but I still got BSOD. I tried 1 stick of memory stick on every single dimm slot and still BSOD. The only hardware I did not change was CPU and motherboard and my 2 m.2 SSD. However, when I started in safe mode, I did not BSOD, although I only tested this for 2 hours. I immediately weny back to normal mode and continued to get BSOD. So does this mean that its 100% a software problem? Also the stop code i received during every BSOD wa
  3. Today I installed my new gpu (3080) and after that I've been getting these flickering every so often. My monitor screen literally flickers ONCE every so often, its not a long freeze or monitor screen turning off and on again, its actually just a single flicker than if you were to blink, you would miss it. It doesn't happen when gaming, I've only noticed it happening when I'm on google chrome, just messaging friends on facebook, or even writing this post. I've done 3DMark tests, Timespy and Firestrike Extreme. both completed with no issue and practically same score as my friends 3080
  4. I received my 3080 today and excitedly i took out my old gpu and tried slotting in my mobo. I noticed that when slotting in the latch wont click but instead harshly snap in making a lound clunk sound. I thought i slotted in wrong because of how heavy and big this card is but i tried again and same sound. Also should say that unlatching it was a nightmare and was i in agony trying to push on the latch to unhook it. Ive put in and taken out many gpu including about the same sized 3080 strix. To see if its the mobo latch issue or gpu issue i got my old gpu and slotted it in. No issue, same s
  5. Recently rebuilt my PC with a new ryzen 3600 and a new case. I'm currently having this issue that I have not had before. When I power up my PC, everything turns on, i can tell by RGB, but my fans won't spin even though its RGB is on (Corsair LL120) and my motherboard shows an orange light. My GPU fan is spinning at 100% during this orange light and so are my two Corsair LL120 fans that are powered by my Corsair H100i AIO. My PC won't boot while showing this orange led on my motherboard and with my GPU fans at 100%, i've left it like this for 30 minutes wanting to see if anything changes and no
  6. Thanks. Actually it started blue screening randomly now. I blue screened twice before windows sign in before i could sign in. Ill take it apart and rebuild it.
  7. Update, So at stock 2400mhz settings, I still blue screened before getting into a game of Apex Legends. Blue screened at main screen
  8. The thing is, I have been using the same ram and same xmp profile for few months before this started happening. I've also swapped out the ram to a different set and lowered the ram to 3000mhz instead of 3200mhz. I'll still try and let you know
  9. Its the asus rog strix x470-f motherboard. I updated chipset and bios december last year before changing my cpu to ryzen 3600 and have been using it same until this issue started happening. I updated bios and chipset after this issue started trying to fix this bsod issue. All bios and chipset was downloaded from asus strix support website
  10. Also if it helps narrow down what could be the problem. I ran both Cinebench R20 and Heaven Benchmark and I could run both perfectly fine. I ran Cinebench 3 times and highest CPU temp was 67C. Highest GPU temp during Heaven Benchmark (ultra preset) at 1440p was 63C. Mobo highest temp was 46C according to CPUID.
  11. Using XMP/DOCP profile on my asus rog motherboard. Its at 3200mhz and 1.35v. I have also lowered the speed to 3000mhz and tightened the timing to 15-17-17. It is still at 1.35v
  12. I've swapped out the ram for an old 3200mhz ram kit i had from before. It seemed like this fixed the issue as I felt like my games was freezing less and hadn't crashed in few hours but I just crashed again. So it doesn't seem to be my ram that is causing me to blue screen.
  13. EVGA G3 750W. Purchased around 8-9 months ago
  14. Have tried both. Not helping. Is it possibly a memory issue?
  15. Hello, the stop/error code is always different each time but I have taken photos of few, some error codes i've gotten are: "REGISTRY_DRIVER_EXCEPTION", "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION", "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" and some others which I just didn't bother taking photos of as I blue screened every time I tried playing these games. As for any changes, nothing changed to my components. There could've been a windows update but not sure. I did update to latest nvidia drivers to try fix this problem during the week though.