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    linux, pc gaming, amd, intel, pc parts,


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    amd 8320, oc to 4 ghtzs,turbo 4.5
  • Motherboard
    asus crosshair v formual z
  • RAM
    8 gbts dual channel kingstone 1333
  • GPU
    power color hd 7870 devil edition 1.1 gtzs core, 1280 sp, 5gbts 256bit 5ghtz, crossfire with sapphire hd7870 1.05gtzs 2gdr5 256bit 4.8gtzs
  • Case
    azza genesis 9000
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    adata 120bts ssd windows 8, 1tbs segate hhd filesystem, 250gb samsund 3d nan games, 1.5 tb seagate files, 250gb seagate files
  • PSU
    evga supernova 750watt hybre modular psu, bronze
  • Display(s)
    3 acer 21in 5mil/sec hdmi 1080 and viewsonic 21.5 in 2mil/sec hdmi1080
  • Cooling
    cooler master v8 gts, 3 120mm fans, 3 230mm fans, 2 140 mm fans,
  • Keyboard
    cosair k95 rgb cherry red,
  • Mouse
    utechsmart 16400dpi venes 19button mouse
  • Sound
    realtect 8.1 channel
  • Operating System
    linuxmint64bitversion15, windows 8.1 pro 64bit

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  1. Saw this deal on cdkeys.com http://www.cdkeys.com/rise-of-the-tomb-raider-pc-cd-key-steam I have used them for close to a dozen different games, always satisfied, I got JC3 the day before lunch for under $30. From past experience, at less with JC3, the deal stayed up tell the day the game came out, not sure if that will be the case here or not.
  2. Jumped when I saw that, but its Norway so I am okay tell the US guys get the same bright idea, and now win 10 probably will send all my info strait to the NSA, guess it is cheaper that way. Uncle Sam is into saving money I hear. Thanks for the post.
  3. Yea meant one, sorry for the extra s, I think I will use the 144htzs for gaming on titles that do not support eyefinity well, and the eyefinity on the other like 5 games(not really five but close)
  4. Hello Linus Fans, Looking at getting a new graphics card, right now I have dual 7870 ghz getting old, still love them but need more power. I run 4 monitors three in eyefinity and then one on top. The games I want to play now and in the future are GTA V*, Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Witcher 3, Far Cry 4*,BF4*, BF Star Wars, the ones with * I have now(not sure if you care, might help,idk). I also plan down the road to buy a gaming monitor, all monitors now are 1080. The monitor probably would be 144htz and 1440, no g sync or freesync still to much $$$. What do you think I should get, if I go nvidia I get Game Works, but it only support 4 monitors, amd does 6, so then i will end up maybe running two cards one just for the extra monitors, (I think I may use as many monitors as I can down the road). What do you guys think i should go with, in two years i plan to upgrade aging; to hbm2 from either nvidia or amd, (hopefully by then amd gots the game together.) Thanks for any help. UPDATE: Anybody think its worth getting a 970 over an 390 for gameworks?
  5. yea, i understand that nvidia says that it only supports 4, i want to use more either 5 or 6, I checked out the amd side and notice that all their cards support 6 monitors if you use a hub they call it a DP MST Hub my idea is to use such a hub, to do the same
  6. I have searched the waves of ones and zeros and don't seem to find the answer I search for, maybe that's because what I search for is not there. But I forgot this is the internet everything is here even a duded that doesn't want a fire pole in his new office. So here is my problem I run 4 monitors all 1080 I love using all the landscape, but these monitors happen not to gaming monitors. This means i need a gaming monitor but I still want to use the rest. Amd is not staying up with nvidia so I will end up with a 970 most likely. I want to run five monitors and maybe later 6 or more, my bright idea is to use a display port hub like the one from club 3d. Clearly the 970 should have the raw power to run way more then 6 monitors. Do you guys think my plan will work, or is there some limitation in the hardware. I may just be shooting in the dark but do any of you know how to make more then 4 different monitors work not duplicated desktops. Thanks for any help,
  7. Interesting how they will make government chips,
  8. in the conference at e3 earlier today they called 4k 4096 by 2160
  9. if that is true then amd may have a win, but man those rebrands
  10. i have used it a good amount has the most support out of the free Linux versions, i personal like Linux Mint more, by default it has more of a windows feel, while by default Ubuntu feels like mac. Mint is based off Ubuntu so everything that runs on Ubuntu runs on mint.
  11. neato, nice job on the white, nice and bright, some ideas I have for k95 mods, 1. add some lights on the sides facing down for like a downwards glow, 2.add a usb hub in either the back or either side, and maybe mic and headphone jacks, 3. this would be hard and kind of far out, but added some kind of screen, like one of those blacklite car radio screens in place of the tramp stamp. 4.also if you could make the volume wheel light up that would be handy. 5. this may be hard, but if you could add some diagonal arrows above the right and left arrows, like this https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=keyboard+with+diagonal+arrows&view=detailv2&&&id=CB39D2887372332D4E543A834AC3CA9DC4D8275B&selectedIndex=1&ccid=UV8iC4EQ&simid=607989480726269135&thid=JN.ZzMAlikF93shqbQwNsjQgQ&ajaxhist=0 thanks for posting this topic, good luck on your modding,
  12. I host LAN parties, we play cod 4, halo 1 and sometimes minecraft, the size is anywhere from 8-24 guys, with hardware from mid 2000s laptops, to towers with 290x or 970 in them, my network speed down is 6.5 and up is around 3.3. I run the parties all off hardwired, from switches so if the internet dies from outside we can still play on . What I would like for you guys to do, is list PC LAN games that will run on must anything, support min of 16 players, hopefully more, and that are real stable and can be run totally off the gird. Thanks for your time, May Lord Gaben rule.
  13. I have been a ham since i was like 8, got my general now, ki6fky a cool geek thing they do is this event called field day, check it out on youtube, quite cool,