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  1. If possible, make it a per user option in the preferences.
  2. Your laptop's NIC might be limited to 100mbps (AKA 10MBps), first check if both Ethernet controllers on both devices are even capable of gigabit. A lot of laptops do not have gigabit NIC's.
  3. Block the Update Server IP's/Hostnames in the Firewall/Hosts File? Can't Update if it thinks their no internet connection. Edit: What are you using the machine for that it needs to be running windows?
  4. HDMI 2.0 @ 4k60 ~18gbps 10 Meters 4k, 30 Meters 1080p Ethernet Cat5e ~1gbps 100 Meters Ethernet Cat 7 ~10gbps 55 Meters You will run into Frame Rate & Resolution Issues. Along with Latency with the conversion, compression and decompression, Etc. Possible, Yes, Practical, Meh
  5. If, a UPS doesn't solve it, try a differnet outlet, if that doesn't work...... That's all i got.
  6. Not Necessarily, but after accounting, the monitor's and laptop, yea, Plus a little but of buffer is always good,
  7. I have not, my power is fairly stable. CyberPower and APC are two good brands I have used. Worst case, you return it if problem isn't solved, but a UPS is always good to have anyway.
  8. Yes? for the 1st one, Yes for the second. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002RCNX8K/ref=twister_B00EU2ZXCO?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 For example this lineup goes from 420W to 820Watts, Just pick what ya need. I would go Max Desktop Wattage too, not idle. I think under MAX load it's 10-15 Minutes. Idle probbly closer to an hour ithink.
  9. Depends on the UPS, but most likely yes. I have two, well my Router is on the other side of the house. Two things to look for, max Wattage of the UPS. and how long it will last at your idle use and full power use, if your using it just to for power stability, just make sure it has enough wattage.
  10. Synergy is free technically, only the complied version is paid, if you download and compile yourself then it's free.
  11. a 7 gamers 1 (2*) cpu sort of setup, but instead of it being 7 gamers, 7 editors. I would guess there's to many bugs for their setup atm. My old HS's plan, next upgrade cycle is to go to centralized server for the engineering computers with thin clients. The library computers are already using this. Plus Intel sponsored, (assuming their sponsorship allowed for it) they could have gone all out , and have produced and multi episode series on this @LinusTech Edit: saw @nicklmg's comment Maybe Next Gen Cpu's with higher clocks will be more efficient? (Or more realistic next upgrade cycle 5 years from now?) I would be interested to see if using more lower core count higher clocked, in a multi socket board, instead of just 1 ballin cpu, would be a better solution. so essentially 4 of these https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/xeon/e7-processors/e7-8893-v2.html vs 1 of these https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/xeon/e7-processors/e7-8890-v4.html or somethings in between.
  12. No Virtualization yet for the Editors? , Maybe next upgrade cycle?
  13. TBH, this is still a distraction, obs not as much, but it still is.
  14. more so you should tag @colonel_mortis
  15. They are the same pic, i would say build one tbh.
  16. The top and bottom black bars are hardcoded, into the video, it's a 16:9 video with black bars overlayed on the top and bottom.
  17. Microsoft used to let you buy windows with bitcoins for a few years. They stopped last year.
  18. Unlike Apple, Google lets you root your phone, there's even a nice button o n the nexus/pixel phone to unlock it, Don't worry about.