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    Intel i7 4770k (Haswell)
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z87 Extreme 4
  • RAM
    Cruicial Ballistix Sport 16gb 1600
  • GPU
    In the mail XFX R9 280x
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4
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    Samsung 840 Evo & WD Blue 7200rpm
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    Corsair CX600m (Semi-Modular)
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    2x Dell s2340M
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    Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme, and the included fans with everythin.
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    Malfunctioning Logitech m705
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    Bose companion 2 v1

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  1. Songza was a music discovery/mood music app that had curated music playlists based on your mood. It died when Google bought it in 2016, but the actual curated playlists have lived on in Google Play Music in the Stations feature. Now, Google Play Music is shutting down, and those Stations are not being carried over to the new Youtube Music**. So, in effect, Songza is finally and completely dead. The curated stuff formed a lot of my taste in music. It's pretty much gone now. I'm sad. ** You can migrate Stations that you saved to YT Music multiple time
  2. What material is that? Do you have any concerns about heat? Yea I was planning on 3D printing most of it, but the PCI card mounting bracket standards were really designed for sheet metal. But I don't want to pay 150 for that, so I guess I don't really need the strength or rigidity that much.
  3. Okay I guess if I think of custom building as a hobby, 600 for a single component makes a bit more sense, especially if I'm considering the crazy amounts people here spend on their watercooling.
  4. I was quoted about 150 USD for a custom sheet metal part pictured below, which is the price of a decent full-size case. How on earth do you crazy people afford what I'm assuming is $600+ for a whole custom-made case? Are you doing the fab work yourself? Sponsors? Are you just a baller?
  5. I have a Barrow D5 PWM pump. It has leads for PWM/tach that go to the motherboard, and gets power from 4-pin 12V peripheral Molex. I had problems where only the pump stopped working after telling Windows to sleep and immediately resuming from sleep (my previous LTT post). This caused my CPU/GPU to reach 104C with fans running at full tilt because the pump wasn't running. The problem could either be with my motherboard possibly not sending the PWM signal after the resume from sleep, or with the pump somehow registering a stall and then deciding not to try and spin up ag
  6. I have no idea if it's the pump or the mobo now. I managed to reproduce the error (put Windows to sleep, it wakes up immediately afterwards for some reason) and the pump won't be running. I tried unplugging the PWM/tach cable from the motherboard (pump powered by separate 12v Molex) and it didn't automatically start up again. New theory: Maybe the pump's internal controller registers a stall and doesn't try to spin up again.
  7. I put my computer into standby mode before going to bed. It woke up five seconds later without me telling it to, and the motherboard must have been real confused because I think it turned off PWM to the pump, but everything else worked normally. Either that, or somehow my PSU turned off power to my 4-pin Molex peripheral leads. It was about 20 minutes until I realized the fans spinning like crazy meant something was very wrong. I came back to the computer CHUGGING so hard I initially thought I had a memory leak or something. Once I figured out that the pump had stopped (rad was co
  8. Businesses think differently. The possibility of wasting time returning items or waiting for a new item to ship or even just the long shipping times that often accompany cheap ebay items is not gonna fly with a business. Unless the company has a dedicated IT guy, they're also not gonna want to waste time installing possibly dead or near death GPUs. When one of Linus's weird AliExpress purchases ends up not working as intended, he can still make a video about it. When a normal business gets a dud, they have to deal with returning the item somehow, seeking the refund, and they're lo
  9. You have a PWM fan. Black is Ground (negative). Yellow is +12V (positive). Apply anywhere from 5-13V across these wires. Green is for the tach; leave it disconnected. Blue is for PWM control; you can probably leave it disconnected.
  10. Bruh sell that. Reduce e-waste and help some local kids get gaming for cheap, and get $30 or even $60 for it.
  11. Still a used card. $10 extra per card for a new card is worth it for a business. Reduced risk of downtime, warranty and official support, easy return, and the ability to buy more than one for that price. Unless you're a desperate small business, you're not gonna buy three cards from three different people; that's a waste of time and time is money.
  12. Get access to the fan header (where the fan is plugged in). You might need to disassemble the heatsink to access that. Apply 5v to the fans and watch 'em go
  13. Some people are simply scared of buying used. I've tried to convince my dad to do so with no luck. Both of those cards have S-video. Yeesh. I suppose I could buy two of those if I needed dual monitors and didn't have integrated graphics and it'd only be like $10 total, but that kinda seems jank. I know I said most office workloads can use the cheapest GPU available, but 256MB of graphics memory seems exceedingly low these days. Is that even enough for 1080p youtube?
  14. You say that, but the first in stock result for "gt 210" on Amazon is a GT 710. And the (new) GT 210 below it isn't much cheaper. I could not find a new, in box gpu for less than $39 on Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, or Newegg, except for this pitiable thing. And it's not even a graphics card! I also found this for $23. Also, used cards are great, but some people simply don't buy used ever, and that's understandable, especially for a business owner or small town IT guy. And those $5 used graphics cards? They're not always available. The used market can be