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    Computers, Games, Hanging out with friends, and long walks on the beach. ;)


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  1. Inkz

    Cheap tablet for movies

    What Samsung Tablet's are modern? They seem kinda of confusing. I want at least a 1080p display that is large, good quality, and support for modern apps. I don't plan on playing games so only a medium performance. Or should I just get a refurbished/used ipad on ebay maybe?
  2. So I thought I would never really want a tablet, but my friend was getting rid of his old ipad ( a first gen) and I decided I liked them now. However the screen for the first gen isn't that great, I can't load modern apps, and sometimes websites just crash to home screen( I assume low RAM issue). I am open to both Android and iPads, but I am more familiar with Anrdoid. I don't plan on playing games, I just want a screen atleast the same size as the iPad but better quality screen and without the slowness and crashing. What do you guys suggest? I would like to keep it under $200 and I am open to looking on eBay too.
  3. Inkz

    Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to PC

    Why is there not a tech news post for this?
  4. Oh I know it all to well, I have played every day for about the last 10 months. I love the game so much so I stick with it but the Gacah is the one thing that constantly makes me frustrated and wanting to leave.
  5. IDK if you guys have heard of a game called Fate Grand Order, I love the game, but you can tell there are people on their who have a serious problem sinking thousands into it because of its manipulative mechanics.
  6. So they have same voltage but different amps?
  7. Actually idk about voltage, I meant to say output wattage. Mine is 240 and theirs is 130.
  8. So I have a friend who has a Dell Inspiron 7559 and they have the same head connector but different outputs wattage. So they want to see if it works, would that damage it if they used my Alienware 17 R4's charger?
  9. @homeap5 I tried that one and tried only applying it to one folder to test and that seemed to have work. I have not tried other programs for files before, maybe I should look into it. It blows my mind that there is no way to change it normally.
  10. So I have a big folder with a ton of pictures and whenever I scroll though it they take forever to load the previews. I do have it on an SSD but as I scroll down windows already deletes the previews of the other images. Is there a way I can like increase the max amount of previews?
  11. If could get an hdmi mini to usb adapter could I just use that without having to use a capture card so could have it be used as a webcam in stream labs obs?
  12. I bought an M.2 SSD and for the first time I took the cover off my laptop and I cannot get this screw to turn. There was a film layer I peeled back but that didn't fix it. Videos online show someone being able to effortlessly unscrew it.