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  1. Are filters not considered tech?
  2. I am looking for one of those filtering water pitchers for my apartment because my water doesn't taste the best from the sink. What makes a filter good or bad? Also budget is hopefully below $60
  3. I have a friend who has an old razer core with a i7- 7500 blade stealth and they plan on getting a 3070 with it. He said that he contacted Razer support and they told him it was compatible but I was trying to explain to him that using that CPU (it is also a dual core) would bottle neck and might not be worth going all the way to a 3070 if it's only for the enclosure. Do you guys know any good examples, I am trying to see how much of a bottleneck it would be in case he doesn't need such a high end GPU to save him money.
  4. A friend of mine is doing a build in a NZXT H510 elite case and said they got one corsair fan for it, I think that case might have a fan controller but I am not sure how she is going to do the RGB? Does she need a separate controller? And if so is there a decently cheap one? When I did my build I had a lighting node core that was bundled but I can't find a way to buy the core anywhere.
  5. I just built a rig with a Z490 gaming E motherboard. Fortunately the wifi works. I tried using a cable that worked previously with my laptop, didn't even light up on the motherboard. Then I tried a different cable on my laptop, then plugged that in and that worked. I took a nap, came back and it didn't recognize that new cable after plugging it in and out, tested it still works on my laptop too. I did download some network driver from intel because the one from's asus's website didn't seem to work. I manually added network driver for the lan adapter in device manager by giving it the folder because I couldn't figure out how else to do it. I will note that there are still a few unknown devices in device manager and the asus crate thing that launched on first boot up didn't work, I downloaded manually and then it doesn't load on the driver page for that app. I downloaded the older version for chipset because it wasn't beta, don't know why it's so much smaller. I did try to run the lan stuff from asus page but I would hit yes to run and then nothing would happen. Anyone know what to do? I just want ether net to work consistently.
  6. Oh wow I just saw an another YT vid that the "motherboard component" part that they have in the spec is for RAM, so I guess the VRM heatsink shouldn't be an issue but need to watch out for high profile ram
  7. Or are 360mms really just that thin?
  8. I did also find this Korean video that has a 360mm in the top, but it uses a Hero board instead but looks like there might be a little room?
  9. Well I think he was just doing it for visuals. Later on he switches to just the front rad and puts fans on it.
  10. I just saw this video, I have it linked to the right time. It looks like the rad isn't on the wall, maybe on the center? I think he is saying that it might obstruct view of the mobo but not conflict?
  11. I was looking to fit a NZXT Kraken x63 280mm and was going to top mount it in a Fractal Vision S2 RGB. But I am struggling to see if the mobo I was going to get, Asus Z490 Gaming E will fit.
  12. If you have the money 10900k is definitely the best for gaming assuming it's $800 for just the CPU and not system. I can't imagine anything coming out and immediately making it obsolete and given you upgrade every other year the 10900k would be the best bet.
  13. Ah, so CPU with a crazy OC would be like 300ish, I am getting a 2080 super but I plan to upgrade to ampere later so going off of a 2080 ti that uses about 280 but I would round to 300 for minor OC. That's up to about 600ish there, again worse case scenario but I would rather have a little breathing and upgrade room. So plus the 150/200 would be either 750 or 800 but they don't really make 800w PSUs, so maybe I should get a 850w when stock and prices come back down?
  14. Ah, I was wondering if it would be more for me because like I have like the rest of the system doing a lot, 6 140mm rgb fans, webcam, big ring light, gaming peripherals, external harddrive, etc if I could be using a little extra. Yeah I like a little breathing room but I was wondering because like if you add an OC to the 10900k it can draw a huge amount different from stock, like 125 to around 300.