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    Linux, Photography, Cinematography, Technology (duh), Machine Learning, Creative Writing.
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    Professional Content Writer, with an unparalleled passion for all things Tech. Enthusiastic Video Editor, at my own YouTube Channel. 😉
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    i5 6200U
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    HP 81EC
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    16 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz
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    AMD Radeon R5 M430
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    Crucial MX500 @ 500 GB
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    Laptop's; OC'ed to 75/85 Hz
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    A single heat pipe :)
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Cherry MX Blue
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    Windows 10
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    HP AY-516TX
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    Samsung A50s

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  1. So I followed everything you said, the low battery notification is on for both cases, and the action to be taken on low battery is hibernate. I changed it to sleep. And yes, the battery does show up in the task bar properly all the time. Everything checks out properly. One correction I have to make, it doesn't shut down weirdly, it restarts without warning.
  2. Stick to pop, elementary, or mint for the moment. Manjaro is also easy to use, but I'm recommending these because they're based off of Ubuntu, and will be a bit familiar in terms of some terminal commands and stuff. And the vast majority of tutorials and stuff for Ubuntu will work on these. And please don't ever run that command like the person said. It basically takes away read write and execute permissions from everyone. You can read more about it here, cause you're interested. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/unix/unix-file-permission.htm
  3. Thanks for the reply, this is already set to 10%, and I have no issues with the battery unless when my laptop shuts down weirdly.
  4. Yeah, it behaves quite normally except for the "loose connection". It charges and discharges quite normally.
  5. Thank you replying. Yes, I've already done that. No issues when running on power. Only on battery. So should I replace the battery? Could it be a problem with the contacts on the laptop? Could the contacts be repaired with vinegar or something?
  6. Aight, so here's the thing, whenever I run my laptop on battery, and I try to move it around a bit, it restarts automatically without warning. It even happens sometimes when the laptop is stationary. Before I proceed any further, the battery is HP ay-516tx, and the battery can be connected without tearing apart the laptop. Now, what do I do? Is this a problem with the battery connectors, or are the connector pins on the laptop damaged or have oxides formed on them? Will it go away if I replace the battery? Because when the battery works fine, it works fine, It charges a
  7. Also welcome to the forums, have a good day dude.
  8. WD Blue, 860 Evo, MX500, 840 Evo 870 Evo, whatever you find cheapest on the day of purchase, go for that. They're all equally good. Samsung is generally a bit too pricey.
  9. Just get another 8 gigs of matching RAM, and an SSD, preferably of 500 gigs, so that you can have your OS on it, as well as put video files while you can edit them. I don't know how large they will get. Something like a Crucial mx500 should do just fine, without breaking the bank.
  10. I think it's going to be fine. I edit my videos using an i5 6200U, so, if you increase RAM and put an SSD, you'll be in an even better position. I even edited using 8 gigs of RAM and an HDD before upgrading to an SSD. It was fine for my purpose with the hardware.
  11. Something like this happened to me last weekend. Exactly the way you describe things. For me the solution came to flashing the Linux distro as MBR in Rufus instead of GPT... So that's something you could look into or it maybe something else entirely.
  12. Thanks a lot to both of you for your replies. I'll be checking then out tomorrow morning. Btw, can they change the refresh rate of the monitor? Like I can with cru? That was my main concern and I forgot to put it in the original post in a hurry.
  13. Can anyone point me to a CRU alternative for Linux OS's? I generally hop between Debian derivatives and RHEL family.
  14. So, here's the deal. Every time, I flash my usb drive with a linux distro, and boot off of it, it displays almost nothing. Well, it displayed "Try Fedora" or something of that sort. And then upon clicking that option it just boots straight back into Windows. The USB drive got locked, I tried tinkering around with Diskpart, access was denied. Then used EaseUS Partition manager to wipe the entire disk, format it, assign a drive letter and all that. Seemed stable. I was looking to blame missing packets of Fedora that I downloaded using Torrent over a period of many days (Yes I have ve
  15. In order of performance 1660 ti > 1650 ti > 1650. I don't know much about the other ones, but the Legion 5 is a genuinely good laptop, just don't go for the configuration with a 120Hz screen, it's not a good display. The display with 144Hz is amazing in terms of color accuracy and brightness.