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  1. Just built a new Gaming PC :) Had a small budget (£580 / $740).
  2. I've always been a massive Star Trek fan! Just enjoyed it more than Star Wars. However I go enjoy both! Here's a riddle: If Storm Troopers and Red Shirts were having a battle, Who'd Win? Storm Troopers can't hit the broadside of a barn and Red Shirts always die.
  3. Just a new build, I have another system to build as well as I purchased a Z170 board of ebay stating "Spares or Repairs" but it works fine with the Celeron chip I have in it, Am planning on putting a 7th Gen i5 and the RX 580 and probs sell it or have as a backup gaming pc. The Ryzen 5 Machine is here to stay and maybe getting an RX 5700 in the future but for now here's what I've got. Will do a full build thread soon.
  4. Doesn't every decent IT system have minimum password requirements??? Equifax is simply a joke after this, how on earth can anyone trust them with any data going further when they can not even meet the standards for every single online account I hold for internal accounts.
  5. All the systems I own are below I use on an at least a weekly basis: 2018 MacBook Air 2017 iMac 27inch 5k 2012 Mac Mini Lenovo Thinkpad T440 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 5 x Lenovo Thinkpad R61* 3 x Lenovo Thinkpad R600* Dell Poweredge T110 Server Q6600 Windows XP Gaming PC Dell XPS T700r Windows 98 Gaming PC Computers I do not use/for my collection: PowerMac G4 20inch iMac G4 iMac G3 DV Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDT Powerbook G3 Macintosh Proforma 600CD Macintosh Plus 1MB and 5 Other laptops I cba to find model numbers for Mostly ThinkPads Maybe more that I've forgotten about or have deployed elsewhere. The 8 * ThinkPads are part of a mobile IT Suite I use for teaching Air Cadets where a suitable IT Suite is unavailable.
  6. I actually really enjoy Apple's "Butterfly" keyboard. Quite a clicky keyboard with plenty of feedback and with a low travel making it easer to type.
  7. You guys could do a budget home server setup for tasks such as file storage, media streaming etc. That would be good!
  8. Still broken @colonel_mortis been trying to upload photos and all of them have failed witbh a -200 error
  9. My 2008 Vauxhall Astra VXR 2.0L Inline 4 Turbo! (Can't put a photo on here getting a 200 error)
  10. 2008 Apple xServe ... Way to loud and eats power like its sugar. Decided to get a 2012 Mac Mini to use as a server, sure going to have to use external drives but better than the xServe.
  11. I personally think of it like this, customers can be fired the same as employees. If a customer is brining your product into disrepute and could damage your corporate image then the company has the right to terminate that customer. This is as long as the customers money is refunded for any unused time on the contract and all requested data is given. Thing is that Cloudflare isn't the only provider of protection as stated on a few new articles they will switch to a provider in which is used to this type of content called BitMitigate. If I am 100% Honest with you I am a supporter in freedom of speech however I do find it incredibly worrying that these speeches are turning into actions with the results only Hitler would be proud of.
  12. Look at this guy, Would you trust him with your system (p.s I know he has nothing to do with the company any longer). On a serious note, I've always used bit defender for systems I connect to networks/storage in which I do not know much about (When helping with systems).
  13. If it was easy to create and could link all videos from YouTube id recommend it but as colonel_mortis has stated it's a bit of a process without much of an incentive to put the work/money into it.
  14. Welcome to LTT! Make yourself at home
  15. iPaid too much for an iPad Pro I bought a 12.9inch iPad Pro 256GB, 4G, & Apple Pencil and I regretted it after only a few weeks. So let's make a start, I've always liked iPads and Apple products in general. I know not really a popular opinion on this site but oh well that's just what I like. With iPad OS coming out shortly I decided to buy one and put iPad OS Beta on it so I knew if I would be able to get on with it and use it as my primary mobile computing platform as at the time I owned an ageing but great Lenovo Thinkpad T440. So the iPad Pro arrived and at first I was astonished just how light a 12.9inch device was and how thin it was, of course after watching JerryRigEverything's video in which he practically snaps the iPad in half I got a case as well. The iPad Pro was the best iPad I had ever used, fast, great experience for a Tablet. The Apple Pencil for me was a "Killer" part of the product and in my opinion would make or break my experience with he iPad Pro and it did not fail to impress me. The only thing is that with my use case which mainly includes web surfing, office work, watching stuff on YouTube etc the Apple Pencil didn't really come into its own. The only time the Apple Pencil was really useful to me is when I am signing documents. So the iPad Pro is amazing, brilliant and I can see the potential of it being a laptop replacement however not at the moment. I found myself grabbing my Thinkpad T440 more than the iPad and after a few a month and a half of it I had enough. It just wasn't pulling it weight for the £1300 I had spent in total on the iPad Pro and accessories when my Thinkpad was more useful and that was a machine I had refurbished for less than £100 (Bought spares and repairs, spent £30 on the laptop and £70 on repairs and upgrades). So the other day I bit the bullet and sold the iPad Pro & Accessories for £1100 and replaced it with a 2018 MacBook Air which so far I am more than impressed with but that's a story for another time. I may get another iPad at some point however it will be one of the budget ones with the original Apple Pencil.