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    I'm not a Nerd, I'm a Specialist
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  1. Sousuke

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Oh you've just opened a can of worms: Father is being an arsehole doing everything we told him not to. Been trying to call my car insurance company for 5 days straight!!!!!! DVLA taking forever with my driving licence (Adding D1 & C1 Provisional Categories)
  2. Sousuke

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    I use Mac's and the iPhone just fits so well together, transferring photos through AirDrop is stupidly simple and works. Also the consistent user experience with everyone getting updates at the same time. Resale value is also a big factor as Apple equipment seam to hold their value, for example a 1st Gen i5 Laptop, Windows you can expect to get £50-£70, MacBook Pro would be £250 - £300 I'm currently using an iPhone XS Max 64GB, I got this phone as I enjoy the larger form of the larger Android flagships but android has never been able to keep me happy for more than a year.
  3. Sousuke

    Floatplane Support

    -sorry fixed it-
  4. Sousuke

    Why are console users like this?

    To be 100% honest with you, getting a PS3 now is a good idea, they are cheap, loads of fantastic games which have aged really well and well ... they are cheap (FREE PSN) It's like when the PS3 came out the PS2 was still selling by the truckload.
  5. Sousuke

    RIP UK Sky Broadband

    Mine is fine, never had a problem with Sky. There are issues with every provider going.
  6. Sousuke

    RIP UK Sky Broadband

    Yes around 6 Million people.
  7. Sousuke

    RIP UK Sky Broadband

    I don't get what you mean? The UK Government has ordered the split of the Openreach business (Deals with the lines directly) with its parent company BT, so if they've ordered that they will not allow Comcast to come along and cause issues with the lines. In the US the lines (Cable) are owned by their respective companies (AT&T, Comcast etc) whilst 99% of the lines in the UK are owned and operated by Openreach which since its split with BT no longer has any services which run on those lines. All Openreach does is "Rent" the lines to the different companies, Sky included. So we still have BT, EE, Vodafone, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Post Office etc etc and more. So not 1 company will be able to take over, BT is the nearest thing we have to a monopoly and they aren't too bad. So this is where your prognosis has its flaw. To be 100% Honest with you, I'd have been more worried if Rupert Murdock took over as he'd do more damage than anything else.
  8. Sousuke

    RIP UK Sky Broadband

    There are loads of Broadband Providers in the UK as the majority of them use BT Lines (ADSL/FTTP) we only have one "Cable" company which is Virgin Media. So it's a problem which they can not cause within the UK.
  9. Sousuke

    RIP UK Sky Broadband

    Well if Comcast starts messing around with my internet (I'm with Sky UK) then I'll drop them faster than a hot potato.
  10. Sousuke

    Is the DxRacer still the best/most popular chair?

    To be honest with you I got a chair from Ikea which was expensive enough but its extremely well built and comfortable! Its called the Markus and its very popular!
  11. Sousuke

    macOS Mojave

    Im updating at the moment, wish me luck that this doesn't brick my iMac
  12. Don't mind us in the UK, Just our country is on fire with the sound of Brexit. 

  13. Sousuke

    About gigabyte...

    Gigabyte can be seen as a "Value" Brand however I've never had an issue with any Gigabyte boards I've ever used nor seen.
  14. Why can't we all just say this, Gender, Race & Religion doesn't matter just work together and stop being moaning cunts. Watch this to see a couple fuck 2 countries at once:
  15. Sousuke

    IBM 300GL Sleeper PC

    Looks really good man! I got to love sleeper builds especially with old IBM Cases! I am really really tempted to do a PowerMac G4 Sleeper build but I'm going to be in education for the next 3 years so I will most probs be broke .