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  1. The M1 MacBook Air is that impressive, I've sold my 2017 iMac!

    1. dizmo


      I hope you don't use many apps outside the ones it already has 😛

    2. Sousuke


      I've tested all the apps that I need day to day and the M1 even using Rosetta works perfectly! 

  2. I've not really looked at the ML Cores on my M1 MacBook Air but this is easily an amazing feature if supported by the software manufacturers!
  3. As it's been stated above, it's all about workflow and how they have used the Adobe Suite for years. It would most probably cost LMG more to convert to another workflow, re-optimising the servers and other processes that it wouldn't make sense. Plus I think that in the large scale within LMG it's a small expense. Yes 10k is allot of money but it's tiny compared with the rest of the yearly budget, plus loosing all those man hours to switching means it makes no sense to switch to a new platform unless the Adobe platform forces them to in a different way.
  4. Sales are hard to find however after a few months you maybe able to snatch up a refurbished MacBook Air on Apple's Refurbished site, I bought my 2017 iMac off there and had £250 off (£1500 instead of £1750) and it was like a new product (3 Months after launch). I've not had any licensing fees to know of however Apple Music and other services will be subscription but unlike the iOS ecosystem you can just use whatever you want.
  5. It is very impressive, If Apple can do this with a 1st Gen CPU ... What could they do with a 2nd or a 3rd?
  6. I am blown away, especially with Valley as this has been running under the "Rosetta 2 layer"!
  7. So I have recently upgraded my MacBook Air from the 2018 base model to the 2020 base model. The M1 Chip is as Steve Jobs would have called a "Screamer" the benchmark results coming from this machine is really impressive! You can see that in a 2 year gap, the improvements are so big in almost every single way!
  8. I have bought a few goodies for my Gaming PC as of recently, They include the following: A Corsair A500 Air Cooler (For only £30! or $40) AND An RTX 3070 from MSI Below are the before and after photos!, Can't even see the motherboard anymore
  9. Will do! Will also do a comparison to my current MacBook Air (2018) before I sell it!
  10. Yeah I was wondering that but I currently use my current MacBook Air mostly in college!
  11. Well I bought it and installed it, got to admit it is very very big, however it fit absolutely fine in the Define R4. Got to admit I'm impressed by the temps, Put an overclock on the CPU so instead of boosting to 4.2GHz (Then going back down to stock 3.6GHz) I have it on an all core 4GHz overclock. After running Furmark for half an hour on the CPU and GPU the CPU only got to 53*c and the GPU got to 72*c Not bad at all! Also noticed that eBuyer has now upped the price by £10 so ... no longer such a good deal at £40 ($53)