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    LTT's resident target compound archer
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    cabinet shop cnc operator


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    i7 4770
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    some random one that came with a lenovo prebuilt
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    4x4 g skill sniper
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    gtx 1070 ti
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    Fractal Design core 2500
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    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue, 1TB 860 evo
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    raid max 635W
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    acer 27" AOC 27" emachines 24"
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    hyper 212 evo
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    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    sennheiser 558
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    windows 10

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  1. idk its pretty easy for me not to accuse someone of stealing from charity without knowing if they did or not
  2. idk someone lying about someone stealing from charity comedic or not isnt the hill i want to die defending. its not even an exaggeration an exaggeration would be that guy was so bad at singing that the titanic sank or something
  3. thats a easy defamation case right there saying that he was lying to a charity to get money even though he never did that
  4. guess i can never win. if i dont buy the game you would say well you never played the game so you cant say anything and if i get the game to see how it actually is you say oh you are just bitter. no i gave the game a fair chance and i even said in my post that the models and animation isnt a deal breaker and it could still be a great game despite that but it isnt. and i dont care about 60 dollars i gave away 300 dollars to a charity last week.
  5. i would not be surprised if they were actually kidnapped and being held at gun point
  6. except there isnt really a team unless you count the team yell guys and i dont really count the chairman since theres only a problem with him for one scene. ive gotten stomped by cynthia and there were times in sun and moon where i had to do some planning in sword and shield i dont even really have to worry about type advantages my super effective pokemon against the rock gym got one shot by lucky crit hits and i still managed to easily wipe him
  7. except its worse than the hand held versions in a lot of ways. the story in pokemon games have never been something to write home about but sword and shield's story has been significantly weaker. there zero depth and i dont really feel close to any of the characters are the end and believe me its super easy to get me attached to a character. and the game has no challenge at all i went through most gyms and battles with one of my pokemon fainting except for the rock gym in which he got 3 critical hits in a row one shotting 3 of my pokemon and i still managed to beat him with 2 pokemon. i wanted it to at least be just as good as the hand held games and it fails at even that.
  8. its not awful its just not good and in many ways its worse than previous games
  9. now the game is out and everything is proven and ive explained datamining in the post
  10. yep i made a news post about terrible animations and porting models over from sun and moon and people just called me a negative nancy and its 100% fine that they are doing that despite saying that they reason they cut the national dex is to improve on those things. i guess this is the standard for games now companies pull bs reasons to cut content to maximize profits and people just eat it up and attack anyone that says that isnt right
  11. idk i feel like its different when it comes to family run drug cartels
  12. But nobody considers that an island. Edit: I guess there isn't much single rivers that do that but a combination of rivers