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About spartaman64

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    LTT's resident target compound archer
  • Birthday 1999-02-07

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    Not Telling
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    high school


  • CPU
    i7 4770
  • Motherboard
    some random one that came with a lenovo prebuilt
  • RAM
    4x4 g skill sniper
  • GPU
    gtx 770
  • Case
    Fractal Design core 2500
  • Storage
    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue
  • PSU
    raid max 635W
  • Display(s)
    acer 27" AOC 27" emachines 24"
  • Cooling
    hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    sennheiser 558
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. yep i didnt need playable fps anyways who needs that when you can have shiny stuff.
  2. steam has some things that the epic games launcher is missing like reviews. i believe the reason that fallout 76 wasnt released on steam is because they knew that it will get swamped with negative reviews
  3. if you have proof they are spying why would you continue to let them sell products in the country?
  4. isnt nvidia in some trouble rn since they over produced gpus and then the crypto market for gpus fell out
  5. I wanted to reset my iMac so I went into recovery and wiped the disk but when I tried to reinstall the OS it says this item is temporarily unavailable. I'm using the original Apple ID and I tried going to get help online and signing into icloud and I still get the error.
  6. i accidentally picked up 75 dollars a hacker spawned in and i got banned
  7. if google fires him and then he sues google for wrongful termination google cant use sexual misconduct as the reason for firing him if he wasnt convicted in court. the 90 million is probably part of an agreement preventing him from suing google
  8. spartaman64

    Interestingly priced 34 inch 1440p ultrawide

    you could also use it as a regular monitor if you have nvidia. free sync doesnt add much cost to the monitor
  9. Nvidia should really investigate this. I also heard from some people that they are getting a performance hit on a single gpu with g sync enabled but since I didn't find any official articles on that so take those reports with a grain of salt. I wonder if free sync has the same problems because if it doesn't then it would be really ironic since g sync cost a lot more money to implement. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/279259-nvidia-gpu-performance-craters-when-g-sync-sli-are-used-together
  10. spartaman64

    Internet issues packet loss

    i have the most recent firmware
  11. spartaman64

    Internet issues packet loss

    netgear cm1000
  12. spartaman64

    Internet issues packet loss

    its a cm1000
  13. spartaman64

    Internet issues packet loss

    I was playing bdo when suddenly mobs are teleporting around and I can't damage them. I called wow cable my isp and they said everything looks fine on their end and had me reboot my modem. I did a ping test to google.com and this is the results this is the modem log speedtest results i think im supposed to get 10mbps upload but the wow technician said its probably just network congestion
  14. spartaman64

    Musk mocks sec in tweet

    This might be dangerous for musk and tesla as the settlement is not finalized and sec could demand more concessions. The settlement has been fairly lenient so musk shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-45754299