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    LTT's resident target compound archer
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    cabinet shop cnc operator


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    r5 3600
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    b450 tomahawk
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    2x8 crucial ballistix LT
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    gtx 1070 ti
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    Meshify C
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    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue sn550, 1TB 860 evo
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    acer 27" lg 27gl650f-b
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    fuma 2
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    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    sennheiser 558
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    windows 10
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  1. i personally would get the 27 inch instead because to me its very annoying having to move your head to look at different parts of the screen
  2. source: https://www.altchar.com/game-news/zotacs-rtx-3080-trinity-performance-is-apparently-gimped-on-purpose-aUqBg6x813Ol Well if what is said is true then this is a terrible anticonsumer move to gimp your lower level card to make your higher level look better. If you are going to make it perform worse than the stock card then price it below the stock card. Of course the rep backtracked from that statement probably because they got yelled at by HQ. They apparently blacklisted gamers nexus because of a negative review and because of that I decided to avoid zotac cards and apparently I made the right decision.
  3. idk it does make sense if its actually a "titan card" since the rtx titan is around the same amount faster than a 2080 ti and its about double the price also at 2500$ i mean what sort of throwing off are they doing at this point the amd cards are probably already finalized
  4. i still dont understand why half of the settings are in the old control panel and half of them are in the new one. and i cant open the old sound menu by right clicking the volume anymore even though the new menu has nothing that i need
  5. I think its cute and i noticed that i get less rude responses with it
  6. lots of people are talking about the tiktok ban but I think the bigger news is the wechat ban. some people think its just a messaging app who cares but its way more than that in china. when people go out to buy groceries in china a lot of the time they dont take their wallet because they can just scan a QR code and pay in wechat. also when they need to pay utility bills etc the companies just request money from them in wechat. having wechat is a huge convenience booster in china and if trump forces apple to remove it from their app store then i expect a huge drop in iphone sales in china
  7. this year could be big for amd if they can make a 3080 competitor and if its true that samsung 8nm yields are that terrible
  8. according to botters the nvidia website never sold any LUL
  9. nvidia never listed any cards on their own store. a botter told us it went directly from upcoming to sold out LUL
  10. i see microcenter has some in stock in some of their physical stores but the two near me do not.
  11. the stores should have limited it to 1 per shipping address
  12. i hate bestbuy now fucking jebaited me so many times. never using them again for these launches
  13. i blame bestbuy its like they are purposely jebaiting me and wasting my time. i should have stuck to newegg
  14. did anyone manage to get one LUL i didnt f5 hard enough