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  1. Is SLI dead?

    The last two gen of games I play all scalded great compared to a “better” card. Which is why I have the cards I do. I don’t play every game in the world, so it isn’t a concern with me.
  2. mobo heat spreader too hot

    Get your boards software. Bois normally shows it but in a monitoring tab. Hot to the touch isn’t a big deal. I’m sure if you have a decent card it’s hot to the touch under use too.
  3. mobo heat spreader too hot

    Normally it will have software that will tell you temps. Then the numbers turn red when it’s hot compared to its standard.
  4. Is SLI dead?

    New games have it. Don’t see how it could be dead.
  5. Running through 2 rads?

    Do what would be cleanest for routing or best for draining. Last thing you want is a system of tubes for the sake of a 1c diffence that you yourself can’t measure or see.
  6. I always have multiple monitors on but I don’t do any thing on them that required encode or decode. So I never get any performance hits.
  7. i7-4770k heat issues

    Is that accurate compared to real temp?
  8. B-Stock Quality

    The protective film that some cards have on them when "new".
  9. B-Stock Quality

    Same as buying new, as far as the actual card goes. Prolly won’t have the plastic on it though.
  10. My red turned purple, so I flushed it and put new fluid in. Haven’t had an issue with either system since. Running the same fluid cryo in both.
  11. GPU

    A 1080 isn’t gonna get that high of frames anyway. Not on ultra with pubg even at 1080p. It can do it though but wouldn’t recommend it.
  12. gpu on slot 2?

    Get a real board, like asus that shows the logo regardless of the cards. Wont matter what slots its in if it supports it, I use my second card simply because it runs cooler.
  13. Afterburner Backgrounding

    I no mine causes cpu usage spikes so I started turning my off as well.
  14. List of Games that use 6gb+ VRAM at 1080p ???

    Don’t see how something being overkill would make you not get it. None of those cards are “enough” for 1080 unless you have different standards. Any game with a memory leak would use a lot. I know block ops 3 would easily go over 6. Had a few cod games like that.
  15. Afterburner Backgrounding

    If it’s set to apply settings on boot it should. And would be able to not have the program itself start with windows.