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  1. GPUs are LEAKING?!

    Does it really matter though? Buy an fe, problem solved.
  2. Won’t really matter for gaming. Unless you wonna do a bunch of stuff on the other monitors like watch YouTube with chrome. Or surround gaming, would depend on the game at that point. I always use multiple monitors with at least one plugged into the motherboard.
  3. JUST ASKING!!!!!! Gpu life if possible

    ^ this. had a friend use one since 2 years ago. Don't see why you would care about something lasting 10 years though. Sounds like an igpu use scenario.
  4. Same gpu. Wouldn't waste the time or effort myself. Especially on something like a 1080ti that oc like crap. Ill take an fe any day regardless if blocks are going on. Strictly water speaking, it would depend. Like an evga ek block are dirt cheap. So I could get a pair of those and wc and still hit the same oc's. So price would drive my choice. Id still stick to fe, more of them to get, can go to micro center and build my loop same day. Carry a few strix blocks but cost more. Same with back plates. Waste more money for no gains? Id rather not.
  5. Gpu oc vs non oc lifespan

    Isnt possible to narrow down life span from some tso trivial. Component quality and tolerance would determine that. Along with power quality and temps.
  6. SLI help pls

    Both cards show up I assume, cpu supports the lane requirements and you are on a compatible os. If a clean install of drivers hasn't been done yet, id try to get another bridge. Though I doubt that's the issue with so little info.
  7. 1080 crap performance?

    I don't use any of those. Precisionx only. Don't care much for the other ones, nor have I have ceashing issues because of some gpu software.
  8. 1080 crap performance?

    Lol just cause it’s a strix doesn’t mean it can’t get hot. Another reason I got rid of mine.
  9. If you have the connections and/or adapters needed, you can run a few monitors.
  10. Depends on what you want. Just gaming, the monitors are gonna be the same. I prefer 1080 on most. Bf1 I preferred the 1440 but I do just as well on both. That cpu is gonna struggle with that game, using 1080p with it will be even worse.
  11. Know they are still heavy, just keeps the card from sagging, not sagging from the pci slot. Very little sag from any of my cards. Another I like 2 cards, water and sli bridges keep them from moving.
  12. 144hz problem

    Check for the proper cable and using the correct port on the card. If not, just lower it to 120.
  13. 1080 crap performance?

    Given how the cards clock, temps are a big factor. My 1080 will sit at 2100+ all day at 40/50c or 1700/1800 at 70/80c may want to actually monitor the system and see what’s its doing, cpu usage and temps, same for ram and gpu. Wouldn’t be hard to find out what’s wrong.
  14. Is buying ex mining cards a good idea?

    No issues buying a mined card. If it dies, it was going to do that anyway. Sellers can say what they want. I underpower when mining, overvolt and power when gaming. Usage is usage, only thing that matters are conditions. But it, you won’t notice anything.
  15. Seems like something you gotta ask yourself. Doesn’t matter how it was used. Seller can say what they want. Chances are it will be fine, like any other used card.