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    I7 4790k
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    Maximus VI Formula
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    Gskill Ares 32Gb 4x8
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    GTX 1080's
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    Corsair Air540
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    4 ssd's. Pair of 3tb hhd's.
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    Acer XG270HU
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    Ekwb; cpu, gpu's, south bridge, vrm's ram and 140 revo d5. All Acetal+Nickel
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    Windows 7 64 bit

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  1. 1440p and High Refresh Rate

    I could watch 4K technically, I wouldn’t know about in between, I just click 1440 when the creator actually uploads it. I don’t know the refresh rate of YouTube, it being windows it would be 60, idk. It’s a 144hz monitor though. I didn’t say anything was special about it. You asked what my favorite monitor is at 1440, that would be it.
  2. GTX 1080 TDP throttling WHY??

    Should add a waterblock on the back of the card too. Super cool temps and all.
  3. Is everyone holding out for the new Nvidia cards too?

    Didn't realize they were locked at 60hz. Doesn't seem practical.
  4. Resolution and DPI questions

    Another reason I quite using my 1440 monitor. Been gaming at 1080 for years on the same style mouse with the same dpi. I can snap to targets with ease, hitscan was incredible. Got on 1440 and its a difficult transition for me. Did on for cod but I had room to spare and the skill gap could cover that. Just takes timing dialing in the exact difference I needed for the dpi to cover the distance along with being able to increase my fov. All of that was a big factor. I would snap just short of targets, making it very frustrating, ruined about 3 keyboards and 2 mice in the last year from it.
  5. Can someone explain this ? Clock speed 1080

    Took some pics while I played today. The clock only changed when I was in lobby, in the plane looking at the sky or in a crappy part of the first map. I’m not overclocking though, just max power and voltage. So would need more info assuming it isn’t hardware that’s the problem.
  6. 1440p and High Refresh Rate

    Not the three 1080 monitors. The 1440 monitor. Nothing special about it. But you can check the specs on it.
  7. Is everyone holding out for the new Nvidia cards too?

    Not holding out for anything. Got every card and have been disappointed in some way. But as my old rigs can keep up with the cards in the games I enjoy, I wouldn't be able to use the next gen cards anyway.
  8. GTX Titan causing a host of issues

    Yea I’d do that in a heart beat. Loved my titans.
  9. 1440p and High Refresh Rate

    Really like the one in my sig. looks amazing especially compared to my old 120hz panels. I don’t use it for much though, isn’t much use to me gaming wise but good for watching high res YouTube.
  10. Surge Protector/UPS

    If you are gonna wire up a router, don’t see why you wouldn’t want the coaxial cable in there too. Gonna need an power strip to wire up 12 things for that. Normaly some outlets do protections while the others do backup and protection. Both have a power limitation. I only use mine for my main pc, the main monitor, router and modem. Works like a charm.
  11. Shorten a radiator by 1mm?

    The tank doesn’t start at the ends. Look at a rad and think about it. Almost any rad can be sounded down. Ek rads have a whole shell over them. Could get away with almost anything.
  12. How much can you oveerclock a 1080?

    Well my nvidia model oc’d better then my pny and both of my evga sc’s. Didn’t oc the strix to much as it was on air and too hot and loud. Plus 200 isn’t saying much compared to where it’s actually clocking. Which will depend on the card itself, power and voltage limitations and heat. I do max power and voltage and one will always run out somewhere. Think I did high 200’s which got me around 2176 or so. But there’s zero gain in the game I use if for so I don’t run an oc often.
  13. Integrated GPU and GeForce love?

    Well it’s not supposed to help accelerate anything. Just there if you need it or take stress off of the gpu.
  14. Can someone explain this ? Clock speed 1080

    Lol, if you found a way to do please let me know. Id very much like to get rid of gpu boost. Like I have done to every one of my cards till now.
  15. Can someone explain this ? Clock speed 1080

    If you can do that let me know. Also If the card isn't performing now, what do you think another bios will do for it? Gotta find a limitation first.