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  1. Hello, I've been working on my first custom loop and I could really use some T-shape fittings. I found those on AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/BxHMeeRW I was wondering if I'm going to have trouble mixing those with copper/nickel. I already have some brass fittings and I know it's not going to be a problem, but what bothers me is the chrome plating. Also has anyone painted chrome plated fittings? Any tips to prevent the paint from flaking?
  2. Thanks, what do you mean push the fan back? Like press on it with something? Sorry, I couldn't quite catch it.. I should listen to you more when it comes to power supplies, haha. Edit: also do you think that the loud fan has anything to do with the 'explosion'? An evga representative told me that my previous PSU had a mechanical problem and the fan should be silent and suggested an RMA, but the unit died before I got the answer.
  3. I'm currently using a 5960x with Rx 580 8gb. I'll be replacing the GPU soon, just waiting to see if Navi is any good. It should actually draw less than 650 but in any case it's not exceeding that I think. Do you have any idea at what temp/load the fan kicks in when ECO mode is on? @samcool55 I'll give them a call on Monday and see if they're willing to do that.
  4. Yeah, I guess you're right. Should've listened.. It was 50% off and I just ordered, I thought that if it has all those positive reviews it can't be that bad but ... Next time I should definitely listen to the community more...
  5. Hello everyone, I was shopping for a new PSU (you might remember me asking about used power supplies). However I found a great deal on brand new EVGA 1300 G2 and ordered one. The problem is it had kind of loud fan, I thought it's normal for the unit so I used it, no questions asked. The first day I switched it to silent mode and the fan wasn't spinning (my pc should suck up around 650w while under load, so I'm pretty sure it should've spinned). The next day I decided to turn off the silent mode, because the unit was getting warm to touch. While playing Overwatch I head a loud pop and the PSU j
  6. I would assume that all sata HDDs require the same amount of power? I hooked my old 500gb HDD and it spins up no problem. That kind of sucks... I got it as a refurbished product with no warranty at really good price. Well at least it will serve me a lesson not to be a cheapo when it comes to computer parts..
  7. @savvijcabbij Currently not. I had to sent my brand new EVGA 1300 G2 for RMA as it was defective. I hope to get it back next week. The thing is, the hard drive doesn't spin (at least I can't hear anything, nor can I feel any vibrations). Shouldn't it spin even if it's not recognized by the motherboard?
  8. @aezakmi The motherboard is Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R. Edit: I can't seem to find any information regarding the maximum HDD size that is supported by the motherboard.
  9. Hello, I got a WD Black 3TB hard drive, but by the time it got delivered to me, I had to RMA my power supply... However, I got the HDD and decided to try it out on an old system I have laying around (it's like.. ancient - core 2 duo/gt440, I don't know the exact model of the motherboard, but it's gigabyte). When I connect the HDD and start the pc, it doesn't do anything. It doesn't look like it's spinning at all. When I try to install windows it is listed as Disk 0 - 0 bytes and when I click refresh it just disappears from the list. I tried my old 500gb hard disk and it works just fine.
  10. @jonnyGURU @mrplt Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy lately... I decided to pass on that used PSU and spend a bit more on Thermaltake Toughpower Grand Riing 1200w as it seems to be quiet high on the PSU tier list. By the way, thank you for keeping the list up to date @LienusLateTips and everyone who contributed to it! Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to this thread and helped me with the decision! Edit: Oops, it was the toughpower iRGB that's high on the list. I guess I'll go with Be quiet Straight power 11 or Cooler Master V1000 l then.
  11. Hello, recently I sold my Corsair CS650M power supply. I sold it, because I got a deal on two Vega 64 cards. Now I'm looking for a new PSU that can handle both cards. There's an ad for an EVGA 1600 G2 power supply. The seller told me it was used on a miner for less than a year and a half (1 year and 3-4 months to be exact). He told me it was powering 12 gtx 1060s @90w each. It also has 8 and a half years warranty left, but EVGA doesn't transfer warranties. The reason I'm considering the EVGA one is mostly because of the looks (lol), because I'll be building in a custo
  12. *UPDATE* So, I got some baking soda today. Mixed it with water and brushed the fittings. The results were pretty good! Almost like new. I'll flush the radiator a bit more and edit this post with the results!
  13. Okay, I rinsed the rad with vinegar and salt two times. The first time a lot of stuff came out of it, and the vinegar turned dark green/blue. The second time the vinegar came out light green/blue. Sadly I ran out of vinegar... I should really stack up some baking soda and vinegar... Rinsed with some soapy water afterwards and then with water only. @Benjeh I would love to get some, but the shipping is 40 pounds which is twice the price of the kit itself.
  14. And here's the radiator, had to upload the photos to a different post. I'm not sure if those are of any help, since I couldn't really capture the inside of the rad, but still...