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    Video editing, animation.


  • CPU
    Intel core i5
  • Motherboard
    Apple motherboard
  • RAM
    4gb ddr3
  • GPU
    Intel HD graphics 4000 (intergrated)
  • Case
    Mac Mini case
  • Storage
    Kingston 240gb ssd
  • Display(s)
    Phillips 278E
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    Magic keyboard 1
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    Some random usb mouse/magicmouse 1
  • Operating System
    Mac OS Catalina
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    Linx 12X 64

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  1. A used dell optiplex or 2014 mac mini would be a great investment. I own a 2012 mac mini and still use it to this day (i said 2014 as the 2012 wont be supported for long). A good display would be the phillips 278E.
  2. What is the best budget bluetooth mouse and why, write your opinion here! Im a fan of the G305 and the 1st gen magic mouse (yes, first gen)
  3. Thanks, Ill try that. I was planning on upgrading soon anyway.
  4. depends what you mean by student I am in year 8 (8th grade) in the UK Does that count??
  5. 2012 Mac Mini Intel dual core i5 4gb ram 256gb SSD The reason I tried to run resolve is because I have done all sorts on my pc. 3d modelling, gaming , etc
  6. Just had my free trial on FCPX after trying out DaVinci Reslove (Which crashes my pc regulary). It was the best editor I can find, so does it ever go on sale, and is there a cheap (and legal) way to get my hands on it??
  7. the part that I find funny was the part at the end where "macbook" peers from under yhe table when the narrater is saying: macbook says, get a surface.
  8. Is this the best Windows vs mac advertisement by Microsoft.
  9. In the uk, some routers come with a companion app which shows connected devices, wouldnt that be easier?
  10. Most speakers have some sort of metal inside, try using a metal detector.
  11. Film companies: Spend thousands of pounds (dollars) on cameras Apple: Hold my iphone 11 pro max XDR plus s r c
  12. Hello, I have recently upgraded my mac mini to an ssd which included me removing the ram. After about a month I find that one of my ram slots are showing up as empty. I open up the unit to find that one of my my ram slots has gone loose. I dont know wether its the ram or the slot. I have a 2012 mac mini. What should I do???