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  1. Ho-ho-ho. Saturday night, back from work and relaxing on linustechtips. Reading through forums and there are certain things that members do on here that I can't stand. So I'll start it off by creating a thread and listing things you can't stand. Of course, lets not point anyone out or call anyone out, but keep it very oriented to what it is you can't stand. What is it you can't stand? I can't stand people who take things too seriously. Every joke or humor you make, they seem to never understand and just assume you actually mean what you say. Seriously, chill, we're just
  2. What's more scarier, finding out that God is real or not? If we can sit here and discuss the probable existence of aliens in our universe, but can't have a logical talk about the probable existence of God himself... Not sure what to say. Quick to believe aliens exist, but quick to deny Jesus exist and the creation of. Light speed, time, gravity... We are governed by these laws. If we want to talk about time travel and moving faster than light speed then we first must LIVE OUTSIDE of those laws/boundaries. To live outside of those boundaries and laws we first must leave
  3. Yes... yes it does. Any female that says otherwise, will 9 out of 10 choose a man with a beard to go out on a date with. How do I know this? Call it beard-instincts. My inner beard senses lets me in-the-know of things. If you feel less of a man because you don't or can't grow a beard? You should feel that way. But worry not! Anyone can grow a full beard in 2020, simply applying minoxidil 5% solution for an entire 6 months. Yes, that's right... baby smooth cheeks can have his beard in the year 2020. This message was approved by the people of beard. Do you have a beard?
  4. https://gbdeclaration.org/ Great Barrington Declaration - Over 10,000 experts and doctors sign a petition against the policy in place for Covid-19. Lock downs is not the answer. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2768396 Scientific blog with current evidence by Michael Klompush, MD about Covid-19 transmission and the use of mask and social distancing with Covid-19 being aerosol. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/youtube-facebook-split-removal-doctors-viral-coronavirus-videos-n1195276 Doctors removed for having data
  5. Warned about this 3 years ago and 5 years ago. Where are the haters at now? Smelled this scam from the start. It's just sad how many people don't understand the concept of legal scams and illegal scams. Star citizen is working in the scope of legality to avoid lawsuits while still a scam, but operating legally. Take it how you will. Never buy into hype because at the end of the day, that's all it is... Just hype. It'll die down and expectations of the game will come crashing because it doesn't live up to your imagination. Even if the game is released, it'll never be what you think
  6. Topic is old, but I keep seeing people saying "Star Citizen" isn't a scam. How wrong can you be. Let me break down several types of scammers since I deal with them a lot as an investor and I want to shed light how these people operate in terms of "legality" and what they do to get by, by the skin of their teeth while still robbing you on your money. Robert is not a saint and he have in the past ripped people off of their money. That alone should give you a clear warning of his personality and what he's really after. Instead of trying fall for all the speculation talk, the features, this, and t
  7. I am trying to find something that will entertain me. I've bought Call of Duty MW, only played possibly 2 hours - 4 hours of it, I did not enjoy it at all. I am playing Star Wars: Fallen Order at the moment, game is starting to become very repetitive terms of what you have to do on missions. I am close to finishing the game and I've lost interest in it already. I am eyeballing Sekiro but it seems it'll fall into the same issue I have with Fallen Order, not finding it entertaining or enjoying it. I do love the MMO genre and exploration aspect of that world in the game. Maybe that's
  8. i think your right. i have new hobbies that has nothing to do with gaming, but hobbies that involves improving my life physically and mentally.
  9. i love MMO games. not a lot of good MMO around.
  10. meh. i have counter strike go. im not a big fan of the doom series. played it during the super nintendo days and it wasnt fun then either.