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  • CPU
    i3 2120 @ 3.3GHz
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo Ver 4.2
  • RAM
    1x8GB Corsair Valueselect DDR3 1333
  • GPU
    AMD XFX R7 250 2GB GDDR5
  • Case
    Antec NineHundred Black Steel w/ 200mm fan
  • Storage
    500GB WD Caviar Blue (OS) + 1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    CiT 750W Black
  • Display(s)
    Samsung sf352 24 + Compaq q2022a
  • Cooling
    Arctic Freezer i11
  • Keyboard
    Eweadn LK-003 LED RGB Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon
  • Sound
    W-Audio Horizon 300 + Behringer Ultragraph Pro + Lexicon MX200 Dual Rever Effects Processor + Laney Linebaker L50R Bass amp as Sub + Sony ss85e speakers + Behringer eurorack UB1204FX-PRO + AKAI EIE Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Professional
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  1. Realistically I'd want something with extra hard drive bays as well as 3 for my current drives, probably something under £50/$50, front I/O isn't really something I'd worry about since currently all I'm using is the array of rear I/O that my motherboard has, and I'm not too bothered if it's acryllic or tempered glass. I remember using the Anterc Nine Hundred back in 2012 and loved how spacey and how much airflow it had even if it was horrible to build in.
  2. Recently upgraded my PC and have realised that my current case is uncomfortably small for my hardware. I'm currently using a CiT Seven case with an R9 280, 2 3.5 inch hard drives and a 2.5 inch hard drive, and because it's a micro ATX case it doesn't have the space for 3 hard drives, so I have to fit one of the drives tightly underneath and against one of the GPU fans causing it to become a room heater, and the cable management is very slim even with a modular PSU, so I had to hold up the end of the GPU with a bit of blu tac to stop it sagging in to the drive too much. So I was wondering if an
  3. The wraith stealth cooler should be alright as long as you have decent airflow within your case, but if you want to be more secure about it there are loads of good and low cost options for ryzen cooling such as the pure rock slim or the arctic freezer 7x
  4. Does Ryzen support windows 7? I haven't managed to upgrade to 10 at the moment since it blue screens on the update screen
  5. Does ryzdn support windows 7? Because nkw that you mention that it might be the case
  6. upgraded my PC to a Ryzen 5 2600 and a Gigabyte A320m-s2h motherboard. I start it up and it posts, then when I try to boot in to windows, the screen where it says "Starting Windows" freezes and restarts to system repair, and when I press the system repair option my mouse and keyboard are both disabled, even though I have them plugged in to the two rear usb2 ports. I can boot in to the BIOS and it detects everything properly and all the peripherals work, but when I save and exit it does the same thing. I do have a note though where when my CPU arrived it had 4 bent pins which I corrected u
  7. Budget (including currency): £100-ish Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Light/medium games such as Minecraft, Risk of rain 2, For the king, Apex (Maybe?) applications like FL Studio, Ableton, Cakewalk, Cubase etc... Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Recently upgraded to an R9 280 up from an R7 250 for 1080p. Currently on an i5 2400 and an old dying motherboard, and thinking of going AM4 1st gen
  8. Recently I have decided that I need an upgrade. I'm currently running an i5 2400 with an OEM 1155 board. My CPU is no longer powerful enough for what I need to do with my PC as what I'm doing requires a high core count, and recently I've had this problem where the CPU fan just decides to stop spinning and it lets my CPU heat up to 100C while I'm putting it under load. I'm not able to configure the fan curve in the bios, as the bios for this motherboard is very simple because I slowly ripped out every part of a prebuilt Lenovo system while upgrading. SO i've been thinking of having 2 poss
  9. My GPU temps are fine as far as I can tell, it only peaks at about 60 degrees. Would it be worth taking it out and giving it a bit of a dust? Also, I am using my brother's old power supply from back in 2010 (I think?), it's a 750W CiT Black edition PSU, but it's been running fine as far as I can tell? My GPU doesn't use any power connectors as it's a 65W card. I should be getting a new Corsair VS 450 soon though, not sure if that might help at all?
  10. Hello. I've recently been getting this problem very frequently; I've been getting this problem where my display drivers crash during a gaming session, and the game window becomes invisible and I'm unable to tab back in to it. The only way to fix it is to re-open the game. I have also had problems with some software as well such as FL Studio where the 3rd party plug in software UI freeze up (the only way I can describe it is the effect you get when you win Solitaire on Windows XP). I have fresh installed the drivers fro my GPU several times now using the proper AMD uninstall software, and
  11. I currently need a GPU upgrade as my current one is an R7 250 2GB and is lacking performance, I recently upgraded my CPU to an i5 2400, And i'd like suggestions for a good upgrade and combo for my CPU, I have no power supply limits and no case limits as I have lots of headroom on those fronts. My budget is up to about £90 or $110, I have mainly been looking over the used market and on sites like Cex or eBay but anything new within that price range I would go for too.
  12. Currently, you can run many games on 8gb of RAM today, but for example on AAA games at max, you might run into problems with 8 gigs, so technically, games like tomb raider, GTA V, and other AAAs will require over 8gb today. Some software applications however like 3D animation and rendering will definately need more RAM
  13. Do you have any hard drives in your system?, I had the same problem but re - mounting my hard drives seemed to solve it
  14. I currently have an i3 2120 and an R7 250 in whch the GPU is showing it's age and I am thinking of buying an R9 270x but will it bottleneck my i3?
  15. I have ran into some problems with my PC as the ram seems to max out to 7.84gb and it is very slow. It happened when I was just finishing off a composition and my PC went into sleep mode. I woke it up with a mouseclick and logged in. The screen was black with just the start menu icon in the corner. As the start menuwas invisible I turned it off via the power button and booted through start Windows normally. It booted up and the screen was black. I waited a hit and got a desktop but 5 minutes later it became very slow. I looked at the task manager and saw the ram was maxed. I booted into safe m