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    Intel core i5
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  1. When I started the trial, they said if i cancel, i can get my money back within 14 days, they took the £20 yesterday
  2. I forgot to cancel my premiere pro trial an now adobe have charged £20 to my account. When I tried to cancel, they are charging a £100 cancelation fee. Please someone help UPDATE: I just got the line with Adobe and they gave me a partial refund. Not what i was hoping, but better than paying 100 smackeroonys in cancellation fees. Thanks for thoose who explained the issue and a special thanks to @Radium_Angel for giving me the idea to contact adobe. And to thoose who made fun of me, karmaa hit hard...
  3. Id send in my Dell inspiron from 2012 and see how he reacts lol
  4. When is the LTT Minecraft server opening? When it does, i'd love to see the LTT staff film some sort of hunger games themed video on it.
  5. Today, most google services stopped responding for about 15 minutes (This happened in Europe, but Im not sure if it happened in the rest of the world) What do you think caused the crash? Post your awnsers here! STUPID/FUNNY AWNSERS ONLY!
  6. I stopped uploading to my channel for a month and it hurt my growth badly. I started uploading again but instead of 40 views a video im getting less than 10. I need tips on how to revive it again. (This is not a shoutout, I am genuinely asking for tips) < removed by moderation >
  7. Sub 2 me channel. I stopped uploading for a month and now that I have returned, my popularity has been severely damaged and I cant get back to the rate of growth I was at a month ago. Here is a link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtGYnjPKWwGPM24S1OJIzg