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  1. Quite literally; they're rumoured to be on desktop Rocket Lake CPUs (albeit in a cut-down form)
  2. Aiming for something doesn't need me to actually have the ability to achieve it; just because it's virtually impossible to do doesn't mean Intel can't shoot itself in the foot by keeping it as a target (although I really wish Intel doesn't embarrass itself anymore)
  3. Exactly, just because MLID has some pretty unbelievable claims in his videos doesn't mean he doesn't bring these for a reality check
  4. Remember how the Vega 56 and 64 were compute powerhouses but just couldn't perform well in games? I think what's happening with Xe is the opposite of that. This is exactly what I wanted to say. thanks for putting it in an easy to understand way. That's true for everything!
  5. oh. After Nvidia said It'll officially support GTX cards, I thought that one was ironed out. well then, gotta look to borrow a better mic from somewhere
  6. I'm using the standalone RTX voice, I only have a 1660 Super, so no compatibility with broadcast. Also, the silences in the middle of my recording? that was RTX on and i was trying to speak. Sorry I forgot to mention it in the original post!
  7. untitled.mp3 Okay so I installed RTX Voice because my mic is really bad (and possibly malfunctioning?), but I don't have any other option for now, and i need to talk for my online classes. I have attached a recording with RTX off and on to illustrate the problem. Any idea why it'd think I'm the noise and how am i supposed to fix it? I'll say this again, I know the noise situation is out of control but buying is not an option. EDIT: My english isn't very good, so please do tell me if I didn't say something correctly or clearly.
  8. What is GVT-g? If it's in the first post, im not as attentive of a reader as i think i am
  9. i can agree for the emulators, but there is a whole world out there filled with actually good android apps that never made it into the play store (although i do agree that people unintentionally download a ton of malware this way, so thanks google ig)
  10. i do it when I want to test solutions like gcam (although I know iPhone's camera is like magic) or really doing anything with my device, like using onboard sensors for cool stuff like using it like the LG magic remote. but yes. that doesn't concern the general user, so you are right about that. as for pricing, though, iPhones are cheap only in the States. In India (where I live), the SE costs closer to $600 when you convert prices from rupees (the local currency here) to USD. so not cheap at all, especially considering that the most used smartphones here are cheapo android phones (from chinese brands, samsung or nokia) that cost less than around $200.
  11. Exactly; I would've switched to iOS a long time ago if it wasn't for the high cost of entry and the locked down app store.
  12. If only this would trickle down the stack to more affordable SKUs and not just in the i-need-to-sell-a-kidney-for-an-Ultra price range, Android would become truly competitive for gaming and video editing (especially on their tablets w/DeX)
  13. I know nothing about how the tech industry works, so forgive me if my question sounds dumb (which it probably is), but how does this fit with the rumours that Xe would be cancelled? is that rumour dead now, or can Intel still surprise us in the wrong way?
  14. Okay so I have a PC with the following specs (please tell me if i missed something): CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X) mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max RAM: 2x8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz (running at 2933 MHz because apparently that's what 3000 MHz means?) Boot drive: a Western Digital Green 240 gig M.2 SSD Actual Storage: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB GPU : Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC or something PSU: Gigabyte B700H modular PSU OS: Windows Pro 64-bit (version 1903) Monitor: LG 24MP59G This isn't primarily a gaming machine, and takes quite some power to run, so I thought about undervolting the components, when this video came in front of me: I know this video seems completely unrelated from what I wanna do, but hear me out: the way they "passed through" (I don't mean GPU passthrough, which is an entirely separate thing, but I couldn't find a separate way of describing it) the signal of the mining card through the display output of the iGPU made me curious about this being possible with a weak GPU (i have an old GT 620 perfect for this job) for basic online browsing, office work, etc and a strong GPU (the 1660 Super currently in the system) for 3d applications (games, Blender, Unity, etc). PS: sorry for the bad/unclear english (it isn't my first language), please tell me if I need to clear something up and/or elaborate something. EDIT: fixed video embed
  15. That's the problem. It was that low while I had Minecraft (the game) and a minecraft server running in the background. Also UPDATE: I've seen the following post, and found out that it perfectly describes the shutting "off" part of the problem: So, if anyone finds the solution in here, please go and help that poor guy.