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  1. I wanted to enable my APU so I could mine crypto on it, but it had a class 43 error so a disabled it again, after I did that resolve wouldn't open, it would just complain that there are no open-cl GPU in your system Any questions, just comment! hope you can help! I can't put this on the resolve forum because it wont send me a confirmation email!
  2. all my files are in OneDrive so I could just reset my pc and start fresh
  3. I cloned it a couple of days ago, I assumed that as everything (apart from resolve) worked I could format it and use it on an old laptop
  4. I reinstalled resolve and it still does not work! I might factory reset windows
  5. I recently got a new SSD (from a OCZ AGILITY 3 60gb to a ADATA su800 128gb) to transfer my stuff from one to the other, I used Macrium reflect. I made sure to disconnect from the internet and to close all of the Running apps. everything went swimmingly! until I opened Resolve and it opened like normally until it came to the project manager and it showed a white box and said it was not responding in the taskbar. then I tried upgrading to resolve to 17 from 17 beta 9 and it still did the samething but one thing changed instead it showed nothing! I tried some of the suggestions on this website:
  6. my motherboard is asus b450m-k will do that now!