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  1. Time for my regular checkup of this thread
  2. Banned because you used proper punctuation;
  3. I leave for like a week or two, and I come back to a picture of nuts and anime. wtf
  4. I'd say a solid 9 if you're the type to ask a question and leave, if it's not too specific/advanced. For more advanced stuff, it depends on the field. anywhere from 1-8
  5. but I do put effort on my posts, and can take criticism. *sniff* *sniff*
  6. That's pretty much what I meant, but clarification is always nice I'd say if you have one pack, put it all in front. You can always get another pack to put behind you. With a tall ceiling, I'm pretty sure there'll be more echo, but panels in front of a sound source (you) would be best to prevent that.
  7. In front is best with only one pack. With more, both in front and behind would be great
  8. If the neighbours are behind you, I'd put all the panels in front of you. Without panels, the sound from your mouth hits the wall in front of you the most, and would then bounce around the room. With the panels, the majority of the sound will be absorbed. If you plan to get more panels in the future, I'd recommend getting non-flat ones, as (from what I understand) they absorb better and don't allow bouncing as easily
  9. I've heard from angry people in the youtube comments that Cherry switches aren't the best. So what are the best switches, specifically the tactile kind? I'm currently rocking Cherry browns on the Corsair K70. I don't really find the bump satisfying, so a switch with a more noticeable bump would be good.
  10. Banned because I need to sleep
  11. Banned for attacking my setup
  12. Banned for pointing out the obvious and not getting creative
  13. Banned for making this banning duel last longer than any conversations I've had
  14. Banned for thinking that was my intention with that ban
  15. Banned for thinking professionalism would be found on a forum by a YouTuber who has the most amount of potty humour in his videos
  16. Banned for not being able to handle the heat
  17. Banned for not releasing that Canadien is the françis way, which is the other offical language of the motherland
  18. Banned because I don't have a good comeback
  19. Banned for banning someone for their name being anonymous