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Kenji the Uke

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    The Tek Bunbun
  • Birthday 1991-04-20

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    Gaming, LetsPlays, Science~!
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    I am saving up for cooleg. 3: Many choices, but one I am leaning toward.
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    i7 8086K Intel Anniversary Edition
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z390 Prime-P
  • RAM
    16 Gig 2x8 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce 980 Superclocked
  • Case
    Fractal Define S
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    2tb + 240ssd Sandisk + 500gb Samsung 860 Evo
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx 850w
  • Display(s)
    Vizio 23 inch TV + EMachines 1080p
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    Noctua NH-D15 + 2 case fans ; 2 Corsair ML120's
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 Brown Mechanical MMO Edition
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s

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  1. Hey guys! I'm doing my best to join the field of Digital Imaging Technicians! My local college does not host any classes, online nor physical, for this kind of thing. I have a basic grasp of what I'll be doing, but I'm hungry to learn more! Text books, videos, websites, anything that can be provided to help me learn the work flow of Arri and Red in respect of DIT?
  2. Kenji the Uke


    Call your ISP to give you a new IP address, probably comes with a fee
  3. Kenji the Uke

    $700-$800 gaming build

    Yeah because thats a tough budget to have a monitor included..
  4. Do we have any Digital Imaging Technicians in the film industry in the forum??

  5. Kenji the Uke

    [Newegg - US] Deepcool Captain 240ex RGB - $59.99

    What a wonderful price! If only I didnt already own an NH-d15..
  6. Hello! So this legit started today. The usual tasks I do seem to be lagging. Frame rates are choppy, and the audio is getting choppy and distorted a bit. Is this a sign of a dying gpu at all? No artifacting, no OC'ing and AC cooled room. Dusted every 3 months.
  7. I hear of these "bad working conditions" but i have two friends who work at seperate fulfillment centers, and they both love it? Amazon even gives out free PTO to those who get there first and i dont even get PTO period so like whut
  8. omg so i was helping my friend with his PC. He had a 1060 3gig and it wasnt workin right, struggling with everything. We upgraded him to a 2070, was a bit of an adventure teaching him how to do all this over discord and videochat. HE WAS PLUGGING THINGS BACK IN AND HE WAS USING THE ONBOARD GRAPHICS THIS WHOLE TIME



  9. Kenji the Uke

    PSU from EVGA missing cable, Need community for Service Advice

    I’m figuring it might be a bad apple, because normally thats my experience. I’ll atleast leave a bad review
  10. Kenji the Uke

    PSU from EVGA missing cable, Need community for Service Advice

    Welp I wont be using EVGA again. Have to buy it.
  11. Kenji the Uke

    PSU from EVGA missing cable, Need community for Service Advice

    No no we purchased it back in 2018, but only now did he get the rest of the parts to do the upgrade. We only OPENED it last week, to wire it up, to find we had no 24pin
  12. Kenji the Uke

    PSU from EVGA missing cable, Need community for Service Advice

    This customer care representative is being so.. confrontational. This is ridiculous. EVGA is known for great customer care, which is why I’m so surprised to be going through this. I feel accused that its used and i’m trying to cheat them of parts.
  13. Kenji the Uke

    PSU from EVGA missing cable, Need community for Service Advice

    Since the service is being kinda bad, should I just officially open up an RMA request? The situation is a bit weird in that the purchase was a year ago, since it took them time to get the rest of the parts, but the PSU itself has a 7 year warranty. We literally just opened the box last week.. They were so excited uwu
  14. Hello! So I know this is weird, but I gotta try. My friend ordered a PSU to upgrade their system. The psu fromEVGA is brand new, but its missing the 24pin since its modular. I have contacted EVGA’s customer service, since friend doesnt know how to do this kind of thing. The issue I am having with, is even though its brand new and the cable was missing, their service is wanting us to pay 9.99 for their mistake. My question is, should I just accept this? Is this fair? I feel like it should be shipped for free, but should i just bite the bullet and just buy it?
  15. Kenji the Uke

    Final Fantasy XIV Online - one free game code

    uwu anyone on Leviathan?