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  1. How in the hell is this just an iPad?
  2. HOW THE FUCK WOULD APPLE BE TO BLAME IF YOU CLOSED YOUR LAPTOP WITH A PENCIL THERE?? Go try it with your laptop right now bro. it’s nothing to do with fanboys because it’s common fucking sense! how the fuck can you hate a company so much that you disregard common sense?
  3. How the fuck do people like you blame Apple about this?
  4. You have definitely not bothered to actually use MacBooks that is quite clear.
  5. Umm what? How is this Apple's fault? Christ.
  6. Do you even know why they got 9/10? Are you saying the Mac Pro isn’t user upgradable?
  7. Well they might not but Apple certainly does as they maintain super high performing chips in their A series of chipsets.
  8. Nice job ignoring what makes Airpods totally unique though.
  9. I’m a New Zealander that lives in New Zealand and has his whole life mate. Don’t try and bullshit about me being an ignorant American. Im not saying white people need to be attacked or have racism directed at them but it’s a fucking joke to say the last instance of white people being oppressive was 300 years ago because it’s fucking bullshit. The british destroyed india and left in 1947, America systematically destabilised the Middle East for oil and installed their own governments, Australia treats its aboriginals in a disgraceful manner etc. This shit is fucking re