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  1. Ughhh, I was trying to do the 30 minute benchmark but after around 10 mins my temps went to 87*, so I stopped the test. I using Prime95 so it is really intensive but that is way too hot no? Maybe fan mounting I'm guessing I have no idea tho, because my normal load and idle temps are ok. I'll download AIDA64 and do a stress test on that but I think the stock cooler can't handle the CPU.
  2. Alright one more thing, my idle temps are around 50-60 is that of Concern? @Prodigy_Smit i tried googling this stuff but there is nothing on my specific CPU as its the Chinese version.
  3. Yoo, Recently just got a new PC and I've got a Ryzen 5 3500X and a 2060. I'm a bit concerned about my load temps as when I'm running Prime95 on load with stock cooler I'm getting around 78* after 5 minutes. Is that bad for my CPU??
  4. So pretty much my default res is 1440x900, the driver recognizes this too, but when I try to run at 1440x900 it says "Output Not Supported" but clearly it is, without the driver I can run 1440x900 fine. Otherwise I have to run 1600x900 1080i for some reason for it to work, its very annoying. My specs are - Xeon 1231v3 3.2 GHZ GTX 950 Galax H81M-P33 and 8GB HyperX Savage ram.
  5. Could something be wrong with Crossfire setup? Or maybe the first card is make the second throttle. Worst case scenario, bad cooling
  6. Easy SSD, a 1TB HDD is 30bucks, even cheaper if your lucky.
  7. She doesn't need a $1500 Build for real estate, even if you want it to last a long time, just get an i7 4790 + 16gb ram and 750ti. Your (mum is) set.
  8. Alright thanks, they are on stock cooling tho and when I'm playing games it doesn't go over 62C now. But I got mislead alot by people
  9. Yeah I remounted it again and this time I'm getting 75C on full load. Thanks for your help btw
  10. on what? I did the stress test again. Actually I might just reinstall my fan, brb. I just did the test again this time I only got 79 as peak temp. I guess I fixed it? Most of the time it was between 77 - 70. I just did it with a remount, I only got 76C max for like a milisecond rest was 65 - 75. Is that good?
  11. I've changed the speed in the bios but in windows I don't notice ant difference in fan noise or movement speed.
  12. But I think it might be my fan, when stress testing the fan doesn't seem to get faster, just running default speed. Is there anyway I can monitor fan speeds?
  13. This only happens while stress testing tho, when playing games temps are 70C<